Thursday, February 01, 2007

Does this Look Like a Bomb to You?

"Some would say that the Earth is OUR moon
...But that would belittle the name of our moon-
which is, 'The Moon.'"

Illuminated images of Ignignokt & Err, the Atari-2600-Space-Invader-esqe Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, were mistakenly thought to be bombs, causing terror in Boston & Manhattan. Honestly. I think the problem is not enough people are watching good cartoons. If they did, they might lighten up a little.


PS- Adult Swim Fix (the "good cartoons" link above) appears to have wussed out & taken ATHF off the web site until this all blows over. I can understand them not wanting to be seen using the controversy for publicity, but why screw the fans over? (If you still want to go there, I heartily recomend The Venture Brothers.) Ah well, that's what YouTube is for. (Such as this, one of my favorite episodes, Video Ouija.)

PPS Though educational rather than animated, may I also suggest checking out The Crack Spider


Anonymous said...

Pass the word:

Peter Berdovsky Legal Defense Fund
Law Office of Michael L. Rich
74 Newport Street
Arlington MA 02476

String said...

Ha, I just read about god...what's going on over there?

Tony LaRocca said...

What really blows my mind is that Turner Broadcasting told the City of Boston at the beginning of the scare that it was all a marketing scheme- AND THEY WOULDN'T BELIEVE THEM. I have nothing but respect for our police & military, and I do think the threat of terrorism is real. However, the government here in America has to walk a tightrope: on one side they want us terrified that an attack is imminent so they can do what they hell they want, & on the other side, they want us (especially businesses) thinking that what they're doing to prevent terrorism is working & they have it allll under control. My heart bleeds for them.

french toast girl said...

I love all the instances of the pic where they blur the finger. Hello, it's lite brite! How is that a finger? :)

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

ATHF is the bomb!

Tony LaRocca said...

Elena- Ignignokt is DEFINITELY giving the finger- at least they didn't show him flashing "full frontal," -though I agree it's quite silly to blur it out.

Craig J. Clark said...

It would have been more obvious if it had been super-sized.

Tony LaRocca said...

"Yes, Err, we'll double his pleasure!"