Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Forced Blogging & Unnatural Laws

First of all, a sarcastic thank you to Blogger for no longer giving me a choice about switching to the "new" Blogger. The old one worked just fine. Schmucks.

The first to play is the beautiful & multi-talented Knitting Painter Woman, who asks, "If you could change some natural law, what would you change? What would be the intended (and un-intended) consequences?”

If I could change a natural law, it would be Robert Anton Wilson's SNAFU (ask your father) Principle of Communication: Communication is only possible between equals. In every relationship there is a superior & an inferior. The superiors will only tell the inferiors as much as they want them to know, & inferiors will only tell their superiors what they think the superiors want to hear. This works in any social situation- boss to employee, parent to child, student to teacher, etc. In short, I would make it impossible for people to lie or exaggerate. If what was said was a work of fiction, it would clearly have to be defined as such. Privacy could be protected by the simple phrase, "I'm not going to answer that," or, "Why do you ask?" (Try saying that instead of a brush-off white lie the next time someone is nosy. You'll laugh at how chagrined they become.) A possible difficulty is that some people may be convinced they are right no matter what- i.e. a spouse who is sure of infidelity, or a president convinced that another nation is stockpiling WMDs.

Every day, we are forced to swallow so much shit out of fear & exaggeration. My current favorite is that if we buy knock-off goods, like designer bags & pirated movies, we are supporting terrorism & child labor- as opposed to buying an official DVD from a movie making industry that does nothing but insult & demoralize our military, or buying something off the Kathy Lee Gifford clothing line. This idiotic attempt at social programing is almost as good as the PSAs of 2002 that claimed that marijuana use paid for the terrorism of 9/11, or those goddamn obnoxious anti-tobacco ads that FOX feels compelled to show during every commercial break on the Simpsons. I haven't smoked cigarettes regularly in 9 years- but those commercials make me want to start up again just to be an asshole.

Thanks again, Knitting Painter Woman. If anyone else wants to play, please feel free to post your questions or topics.


PS- ISay- I just read your email, so you're next- I promise.

PPS- As I'm typing this, the "New Blogger's" word processor is being extremely erratic, pausing at every space-bar press, & putting extra spaces when I hit Enter. I've also been waiting for hours for a verification email so I can post comments. (I can make entries on my blog without having to verify my account THAT WORKED JUST FINE THE WAY IT WAS FOR 2 FUCKING YEARS, but I can't post comments. That makes sense.) Thanks again.


Knitting Painter Woman said...

There was a mediocre novel several years ago called The Truth Machine that you might find interesting. Also Brad Blanton's Radical Honesty. for which I credit my wonderful (second) marriage.
There are times when I am quite astonished that any communication happens at all.

Caroline said...

Good choice of natural law to change.

Rayne said...

I am apparently the only person in the world who can not upgrade to the new Blogger. At first I didn't care, but now I feel totally left out.
I like your choice for change but we would have to grow thicker emotional shells for those times when someone tells us what they really think. But, I think the pay off, meaning the politicians and criminals, (wait, aren't they the same thing)and others having to tell the truth would be a very good thing indeed.

Anonymous said...

amen sister brother... the new blogger sucks ass. that's right i said sucks ass!

oh, and did you notice that they still have the choice of old/new on the top of the login page to make us think we have a choice?
not like i hate change but i prefer the old yahoo email too. not logging into blogger to post this

catnapping said...

It really pissed me off to be forced to the new blogger. I hate it. It made about a third of my commenters into "anonymous" people. And I can no longer mess with my own template.