Monday, February 12, 2007

A Plea for Sanity

Why does it seem like Anna Nichole Smith's death is receiving more ink- and less sympathy- than Saddam Hussein's hanging? Let the poor woman rest in peace, already!



Anonymous said...

lucky commented that she's getting more coverage on her death the president ford did... which says alot (granted he didn't serve a full term but...)

Hellcat said...

She would love *vomit* it!

Caroline said...

I've never heard of Anna Nichole Smith - who on earth is she?

No you don't have to answer that... I don't really need to know.

Aravis said...

Thanks Tony, you said just what I was thinking.

And if this message comes through 3 times, blame Blogger and its errors.

Though really, can you ever hear from me too often? *G*

*shuffling off in disgrace*

Rayne said...

Because the media loves sex, especially when it dies in a really interesting way.
When Clinton had his little 'incident' can you remember the papers giving any other news as much attention. The world didn't stop, the press just ignored it. I wonder how Saddam would have been handled if he had had a really cool sex life? Wonder if they'll figure out a way to claim he was Anna's baby's father?

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

It IS a strange world. I chose to draw Anna Nicole for this week's IF topic. Not to glorify her at all, because I also think the whole situation is so totally weird. I think the media is really to blame. I think they spend more time thinking about how to MARKET the "news" than in deciding what really should be shared.

Thanks for your thoughts!

ChristyMarcusLitster said...

I KNOW!!!! I totally agree with you!

OH and btw, NYC was amazing... besides the snowing slush yesterday!!!!!

I can't even wait to go back!