Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shake shake shake/ Shake shake shake...

I went to see 300 at the IMAX theater in Manhattan yesterday, (lots of head-chopping disemboweling good Grecian fun, but that's besides the point.) Riding home on the B train, (actually, I took the B train to Rock Center & then the F train home, like you care, but I'm a bit of an obsessive compulsive...) I saw a poster with a crying baby, accompanied by this message:
Now, I realize that child abuse is a horrible, horrible thing, and I don't mean to mock it. But being the father of two children and knowing fury at 2am when it was my turn to feed the youngling & he or she just wanted to scream & scream & I had to get up at 4:45 to go to work & I was on my second-to-last goddamn nerve, I would put Joe or Mandy down in the pig-pen & just WALK AWAY before I got down to my last nerve. So wouldn't a better slogan be:
because my first thought on reading "Don't shake your baby" was that there was some sort of urban myth going around that it was somehow good for the baby. You know, like one of those battery-less flashlights with generators inside that are primed by shaking the magnet up and down. Do parents leave in the morning, and say, "Crap- I forgot to shake the baby!" "Relax, honey, I got it!"

Seriously, though, I would make a terrible cop, because if was called in & saw that parents had hurt a child, I would probably shoot them on the spot. I have this impulse control problem when it comes to things like that.



Caroline said...

Your slogan would be much more effective - after all in that state the words shake, in any form, are not ones you want to come to mind are they - good advice would be much more effective!

shannonjyl said...

good post !
who is thinking for us again? are these the same lads who want me to recycle?

Aravis said...

The flashlight was an interesting analogy. I didn't react to the original slogan in the same way you did, but once you said something I got where you were coming from. I like your slogan better because it doesn't just tell people not to do something; instead it offers a positive alternative to abusing the baby.

String said...

Yeah me too, which is why it is good I left all my guns (and cop friends) in the States. I like your slogan because it gives a positive response instead of implanting a negative one. Did you know the subconscious can't differentiate between don't and no etc? It only sees 'shake your baby' which actually sounds like a dance. Oh I see aravis said the same thing! Bad String...not reading all the responses!

steve said...

You're too funny man. You wonder who comes up with, the approves of these slogans. Yours is much better I think. Though I'm not a parent, I can somewhat feel your pain in the classroom. Anyhow, you should get a photo of it and post it sometime!

Penny Cork said...

Seemingly people don't know that they shouldn't shake a baby, which leads me to believe that if they can read that poster, they wouldn't understand it, so, in the interest of child safety, I agree that your slogan makes more sense.

It's a sad state of a culture when when we have to have PSA's to remind people not to abuse their children.

Excellent post, as always!

Penny :)

Larry Lee said...

I have to agree with you. I think your slogan is much better. As parents we are told to teach our children with phrases that begin with 'Do this...' rather than 'Don't do that...'.