Friday, March 30, 2007

To All 3dsMax users

A cry for help: Does anyone out there know how to animate the Waveform Float controller? 3dsMax doesn't allow me to make keyframes with it. (I want to change the paramaters of the wave over the length of the animation.)

I'm working on an effect where a roiling curtain of fog pulls back to reveal something. I think I got it as best I can. Unfortunately, when you layer fog types, the (fast) image motion blur becomes all FUBAR and you have to go the long way with scene motion blur (which multiplies your rendering time by at least five times if you want to get any decent sort of effect.) I think I was able to get what I wanted without having to resort to a particle (dust) cloud, but I'm going to have to use them sooner or later...

For those not into 3d animation, here is The Joke of the day: Jesus walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Close the door- were you born in a barn?"

Bonus joke: Two guys walk into a bar; you'd think the second guy would have ducked.

(drum fill)


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Rayne said...

I am so ashamed...the jokes actually made me laugh. Must be your delivery.
Did you get your 3d thing figured out? It really sounds cool, hope you do get it fixed so we can see it.