Sunday, April 15, 2007

Minor Kvetchings

1) FOX: STOP PREEMPTING MY SUNDAY NIGHT "ANIMATION DOMINATION" LINEUP EVERY DAMN TIME A NEW SERIES COMES OUT. I will make voodoo dolls of all of you and slowly roast your genitals over a fire. I will put a curse upon you so everything you touch turns to marmalade. I WANT MY SIMPSONS, FAMILY GUY, & AMERICAN DAD (& to a lesser extent, King of the Hill) SO STOP IT!

2) Dear Big Finish Productions: I listened to your latest Doctor Who audio adventure, Renaissance of the Daleks. The story was very good and original (I could have done without the "Evil American Military" shtick, but it's your story, your politics are your own. If you can't be more creative than that, c'est la vie.) But what really drives me up the wall for all of your Doctor Who audio adventures is your horrible, horrible, American accents. I don't think ANY American Generals in all of history have sounded like an over-the-top hybrid of John Wayne & Gen. Buck Turgidson from Dr. Strangelove, but you seem to think they all do. Watch the news sometime, and you'll see that they actually sound like (gasp) human beings. The same thing goes for the character Alice: Actress Regina Regan is to be commended for her ability to mash every stereotypical American dialect- from Mid-western to Brooklyn to Texan to Valley Girl- all into one, with a bit of Ethel Merman thrown in besides. For God's sake, if you want an American voice that sounds like a human being, call me. Come to think of it, since you can't seem to write less hackneyed, stereotypical lines for American officers than "I'm a major & you'll respect my rank by God- I go by the book!" -give me a call & I'll do some writing for you too.



Caroline said...

I watched a chat show once* and on it was an English comedian with, to me, a totally normal accent. He related how, in America, they all commented on his cute English accent. So at one point he put on, what to him, was a really hammed up American accent. And then they all said:

"Gee you can speak normally afterall."

I bet he's writing dalek stories now... lots of Enlish people, especially comedians, are under the impression that Americans have no sense of humour, and especially of irony... but then maybe they are unaware of when the joke is really on them.

*very uncommon event in my life!

Rayne said...

"I am a major and you will respect my rank?" Oh, no, no, no. Coming from a military family I can definitely tell you the major rank is a gimmee and no one respects it at all, you salute it, but you don't respect it until they've earned it and screeching and actling like a cartoon character is not going to get you respect. Dear heavens, don't these people do any research? My favorite British stereotype on our military is the really, hugely, fat military members they have running about. On the other hand, Regina sounds like quite the talented linguist.

Ian T. said...

You'd reckon they could find a few real American actors in Britain, but then I often think the same thing about Australians - no-one can do a genuine Aussie accent except us!

Tony LaRocca said...

The sad & weird thing is that they DO use American actors! (They have an interview at the end of the CD where the director bemoans that "Americans always complain about these CDs...") The only thing I can think of is that a) that's the way these American actors living in England think members of the military talk, or b) that they're being directed to do these horrible caricature extreme voices.