Monday, April 30, 2007

Sweet Caroline's

I went back to work today. Everybody wanted to know what I've been doing during my furlough: I almost finished False Idols. (Just a few more scenes to go!) I had fun playing with Jen, Joe & Mandy. I went to movies & Elementary School dance festivals. I came this close (holds fingers six inches apart) to writing every day & finishing at least one of my damned novels. Sigh. Someday I'll have all my eggs sailing in the same direction (or whatever the phrase is.) I should really take part in French Toast Girl's May Madness.

I saw two old friends tonight. (I'm writing this at 10:30 pm as I ride the fabled F-Train home, the Jack Daniels in my system combined with the lack of suspension on the subways making it very difficult.) Fellow Ridge High School Choir-fag alumni Gilbert Brady (once Gil "the Thrill" Hagovsky for you purists) did a hysterical stand-up routine at Caroline's in Manhattan. This guy is so dedicated to his art that he managed to draw blood from a self-inflicted microphone wound. I finally got to meet his hottie of a girlfriend Rhyn as well. Also on the scene was the lovely Sue Ryder, another former choir-ite. I love seeing good people doing well.

Speaking of good people, a fact of life that was reinforced over the past seven weeks at home is how lucky I am. I have the most loving, caring wife (& kids) in the world. Thank you, Jennifer. Thank you for being my best friend.



french toast girl said...

We are lucky to have you too.

What if you posted every day in may? You could do that. Or work on False Idols e.d.i.m. .... :)

Aravis said...

I don't know if it was the Jack Daniel's or not, but this was a very sweet, touching post, and your family is lucky to have you, too. :0)