Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thinking Outside the Shell, or: Tony the TV Critic

Time to be a critic on two of my favorite shows. Let's start with Saturday night's Doctor Who episode, "Daleks in Manhattan." In a word, "Meh." Dalek creator Terry Nation once said that the evil little cyborgs were born from his childhood terror of Nazis during World War II. They are supposed to be creatures of hate and genetic purity, (ironic, since they are mutants of a once human-like race who can only survive in a metal case,) that want to destroy anything that is not like themselves. So having Daleks want to mix with humans so they can have "a life outside the shell," brings back painful memories of how Star Trek TNG completely destroyed everything cool about the Borg with the introduction of Hugh- the kinder & gentler Borg. (Kids, ask your parents to explain.) Also, WTF is up with the pig-people? Why in hell would Daleks want their human servants to be genetically spiced with pigs? After 2005's two-parter "Bad Wolf" & "The Parting of the Ways,"- possibly the best Doctor Who episodes ever- the producers should have realized that unless they could top themselves, they should just give the whole Dalek thing a break. (And what ever happened to Davros anyway?)

I've finally realized what annoys me about The Sopranos: Their subplots go NOWHERE. They set something up, (current offender, Sunday night's episode about the FBI digging up the twenty-year old remains of Tony's first hit,) and then end it quickly. The same thing happened when Tony got shot, when Anthony tried to kill Uncle Junior, when Tony & Carmella got separated... sadly, the last subplot that lasted a whole season was last year's "Johnnycakes." (Trust me- if you don't know, you don't want to.)


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Caroline said...

Yesterday I got my dalek to play being a dragon :-)

Jim asked if it was just him or whether daleks are being overused this time around - I guess you'd think so too.