Monday, April 23, 2007

When Snail-Mail Learns from Spam...

I received a collection notice in the mail today. I'm sorry- I THOUGHT it was a collection notice, because it was certainly made up to look like one. It was one of those backed with black lines (so you can't see inside,) perforated envelopes, (the kind you have to fold along the dotted line and rip to open,) from- in bold black letters- the "ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT." It even had a sort of eagle seal on it to look official. When I opened it, thinking, "What the hell is THIS about?" it turned out to be an ad from Empire Auto Mall in Queens. I'm so glad that the lessons of Spam, (use the subject line to make the recipient think it's a real letter,) are seeping into the junk mail world.

Actually, I can think of something that tops this: a few years ago a friend received a junk mail for a weight-loss pill that came in a hand-written envelope. Inside was a clipped newspaper ad for the product, with the words, "I don't want to upset you, but care about you- a friend." scribbled on in ball-point pen. She was devastated until she looked online and saw that it was just an advertising campaign- one that had generated a few hundred Better Business Bureau complaints. People can be such assholes.



Aravis said...

I received a clipping just like that one, and I was devastated! I was feeling pretty insecure about my weight as it was, and I thought that someone who knew me was being malicious and hurtful. Thankfully my mother knew about this scheme and was able to reassure me, but it was pretty awful!

Christine Lim said...

I receive a couple that said I won a few million at some lotteries. If only it is true!

ChristyMarcusLitster said...

That is sort of smart! waste of trees but smart! I would feel so oo oo horrible if I got a clipping like that!