Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Abort! Abort! Dive! Dive!

Watching presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani flounder around like a fart in a Taco Bell about the abortion issue, it occurred to me how ridiculous this has all become. While he was pro-choice during his term as mayor of NYC, he now has to pretend that he's anti-abortion to get the backing of the Republican party's religious center, while at the same time saying he's still pro-choice to get swing voters. Me, being the brilliant yet modest person that I am, have come up with a solution:

America isn't one country- it's fifty small countries. Despite my thoughts on the subject, I can't see how one person (or, as is feared, a small body of judges) could decide a national law for such a diverse country. So why not have a) Each state draft up its own abortion laws, and b) the women of each state vote on them. This way the people will decide, each state will have its own laws, (the religious states of the south don't want the people of NYC and LA choosing their laws for them, and vice versa,) and while not everyone will be happy, we can stop focusing every presidential election on this one issue that (in my humble opinion) has become just a giant diversion.

(Note: Before you suggest I'm pandering to feminists by just having women vote on the issue, keep in mind that the vast majority of people I know who ever actually take a concrete stand against abortion are women (excluding priests, of course.) Guys will hem and haw like Giuliani about how personally they would never want a woman they impregnated to do it but it's not for them to decide- because they know that if they ever DID take a strong stance against abortion, they're chances of getting laid are nil -1. (Just keeping it real people.)

Any thoughts?



Rayne said...

I agree. Women should get to decide this issue. Our bodies, and while many men are responsible and do at least try, they can still just walk away at any time, and that leaves us holding the bag.
I don't believe that abortion should be used as birth control, I don't believe I would ever consider abortion myself, however, I have never been raped, I have never been the victim of incest, I have not been diagnosed with cancer or another disease while pregnant, I do not have six kids, one on the way and my husband just walked out the door. I am not a 12 year old girl who made a bad decision, and so on. I am not a drug abuser. And so on.
It should be left up to the woman.

Studio Zuga said...

yes it should be left to the women but before she opens her legs and lets him in. less then 10% of abortions are done for the reasons u mention rayne and in those cases i might be able to agree but there are still other choices then killing a un born baby. To me abortion is just another word for birth control plain and simple because we have become to lazy to do othewise cause it just feels to damn good to stop.
its easier to enjoy the pleasure 1st and pay the doc later. whens the last time u ever heard a doctor say im an abortionist and damn proud of it or i kill babies for a living how bout u? ppl may not agree so wht. just something to think about to stir the pot. Whos NEXT!!!!

Rayne said...

Ready for more pot stirring? I agree with md. People see abortion as a form of birth control, and what we need to do is stop the pregnancies before they happen. the hell do we do that? Abstinence talks don't do it, obviously. Is it our culture of acceptance? Media? Clueless parents?

Craig J. said...

It can't be a coincidence that this is becoming an issue again the week that Jerry Falwell -- the man who practically single-handedly reduced political discourse in this country to a single issue -- died.