Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nostalgia Just Isn't What it Used to Be...

Sketches of the 7th, 8th, 1st, 4th(?) and 5th(?) Doctors, from "Human Nature."

On Saturday's Doctor Who episode: I was so excited when I saw the coming attractions for "Human Nature," because the stories in this year's Doctor Who episodes seem to be a bit lacking. "Oooh," I said to Jen," Something original, finally.

As I watched the new episode, a sinking feeling began to form in my stomach. This all seemed very familiar. Then I realized- I'd seen it before, or at least, read it before. The title should have tipped me off. Yes, for the third time, the series has re-made a previous Doctor Who adventure. ("Dalek" and "Rise of the Cybermen" were each remakes of Doctor Who Audio Adventures.) This time, they've remade Human Nature, a 7th Doctor book. (Which for years was a free e-book you could read at, but for some (cough) strange reason is now unavailable...) It's a good story, I'm glad they did something else besides the "Doctor lands on Earth in the past and something supernatural is going on which turns out to be an alien" format story that was already old in the Tom Baker era, and I'm glad that they've finally allowed a tip of the hat to the original series (the sketches above.) Of course, to adapt it for the new series, they had to make it more like a soap opera, but that's a kvetching for another day... but why can't they think of anything original?

"Who cares, you geek," I hear you cry. It just sort of annoys me when they do this, because then it casts doubts on the cannonicity of the books and audio-adventures- which, sadly, are much better written than the new episodes (as good as some of them are.) Here's a suggestion- instead of hiring the writers to re-write their work, why not hire them to write, well... new GOOD stories for the new series? Even better- just go back and show how the 8th Doctor regenerated already, will you?


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