Friday, May 18, 2007

Yes, It IS Another Amnesty, Jackass...

Dear Brainless Bowels of Septum who run this country.

The entire reason we have such a major problem with ILLEGAL (pay attention to that word, please) immigration today, is because twenty years ago, Ronald Regan gave an amnesty (that, Senator Arlen Specter, is EXACTLY what this is,) and let all the illegal immigrants stay. Since then, they've been flooding this country- now numbering about TWELVE MILLION- holding on in hopes of another amnesty- Which, if you haven't been reading the news, is exactly what President Bush & co. are proposing.

Every single poll says the majority of the American public is dead set against this. Every poll says the majority wants ILLEGAL immigration clamped down on. (The reason I keep putting the word "illegal" in capital letters is because the media keeps taking the word away, trying to make it sound like those who oppose this measure are merely isolationists or racists or whatever. These immigrants are here illegally; they're not "undocumented workers" or some other politically correct bullshit name.) Our cities have become vastly overcrowded- many illegal immigrants live packed into illegal apartments crowded in basements, and they put a terrible drain on our school and social services. There are millions of homeless people in our cities. America's infrastructure is collapsing. Instead of making it possible for the millions who are here illegally to stay, why not do what most Americans want and deport them? Because it's politically incorrect? Sorry, but these people knew full well that they were breaking the law when they came over here. How about the millions who have worked hard to come into this country legally? HOW ABOUT THE FACT THAT IN THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS WE'LL BE ONCE AGAIN SWAMPED WITH MILLIONS MORE, BECAUSE THEY'LL KNOW THAT IDIOTS IN OUR GOVERNMENT WILL JUST DECLARE ANOTHER AMNESTY?

I don't have anything against illegal immigrants personally. I can't blame them from wanting to come from a poor country where they have nothing to America where they have opportunities. I understand that they've created lives here- but they did so knowing that what they were doing was illegal. The truth is that the country is becoming more and more overcrowded, Medicare and Social Security are already collapsing, our cities' public schools are in deplorable shape due to lack of funds, our infrastructure is held together with spit and wire, we're paying more and more taxes to social systems that the majority of taxpayers never need, and this bullshit just has to stop.



Rayne said...

Like many other people I am the grand daughter of immigrants. The difference? They came here legally and earned their citizenship. They became Americans.
Many of the illegals have no intention or desire to be Americans, they come here, work, send the money home. There are whole towns across the border that are empty of men during the 'working' season.
In this area we are having a horrible time with mexican meth cartels. It's destroying us. The illegals have to go. I mean, what part of 'illegal' are people not understanding? Oh, this whole subject just pisses me off to no end. Gotta go eat a cookie.

Studio Zuga said...

i got it we make mexico the 51st state then they'd be no reason to come here anymore. Instead of coming here to work they'd all ready be here part of the american dream. then we put them to work in there new state there to build up there infrastucture and economy to match the other states cause hey u gotta keep up the Jones thats the AMERICAN WAY!!!
Hell they're half way to being americans now cause they don't own much and niether to most americans, thanks to the credit companies, soo lets teach them all about living on credit the real america way of life.
; )