Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dream Analysis #e432

I dreamt I was watching the 1986 Transformers movie. There seemed to be a lot more going on in the plot than before, something involving a bomb at an arena. Soon the cartoon came to life & I was a part of it. There was a girl I had gone to school with- I’ll call her M. M had become some sort of eco-terrorist & was planning to blow up the stadium. I tracked her to her house. A huge muscular guy was waiting for me. He attacked me & we fought at lightning speed, blow matching blow. As with most of my dream-fights, the blows didn't hurt & didn't matter- your will pushes your opponent back or his will pushes you. We fought back & forth until I was finally able to flip him onto his back. After I pinned him, I asked if he'd had enough & where M was.

He said that she had left- she didn't want me to find her. There were pictures of her all over the house but they were all out of focus. One showed she had been pregnant. The man said that in college she had gotten involved with eco-terror groups, which held drug induced orgies, where she had gotten pregnant. Her kids were crack babies & were "all messed up." At this point, the alarm woke me.

Now the really odd thing is I haven’t given a thought to M since high school, sixteen years ago. We were friendly, but we really didn’t know each other that well- and (as far as I know) she defiantly didn’t become an eco-terrorist or have crack babies. So where in Hades did my subconscious dredge all this up from?



steve said...

Thanks for sharing Tony--this stuff is always so fascinating. You really do wonder why certain people and situations creep up from the furthest recesses of your mind and into a dream. I remember trying to record my dreams for a while--literally grabbing a pen and tablet the minute I woke up, then started writing away. With each day I got a lot better at it too--the recalling and writing, but it only lasted a couple of weeks because it was all too disturbing to me. And just think, there was an entire, major art movement based on this kind of thing! I could picture a great, multi-paneled comic strip illustrating this dream, from you.

Aravis said...

The strangest thing: I took a nap on Tuesday afternoon and dreamt that I had to evacuate a building because bombs were about to go off inside.