Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's in YOUR wallet? (And a poem!)

The lovely Caroline suggested listing the contents of my bag. I don't have a bag (baby) but I have a wallet...

Metrocard (subway pass)

2 Visa check cards

Visa credit card

AAA card

Business card for our apartment complex's office

Prescription card

Friend's realtor business card

Social Security card

An expired prescription card

UMUC ID card

Business card from a bar (Jimmy's No 43 in Manhattan)

NY state driver's license

Local Union #3 member's card

IBEW calendar card

Queens library card

Master Card check card

7 ATM receipts

IHOP receipt


Last week's paycheck & stub

Picture of a bottle of Pride & a bottle of Joy ("Want to see my pride & joy?")

Picture of Jennifer (wife)

Picture of Joe (son) at age 8

Picture of Amanda (daughter) at age 1

Picture of Sophia (niece/ goddaughter) at 6 mos

Picture of Joe age 2

Picture of Amanda 6 mos.

Picture of Joe 6 mos

Picture of Joe age 5

Metal-stamped Social Security card

Optometrist business card

3 doctors office receipts from 5 years ago.

Mensa membership card

This, of course, all inspires a poem...


by Tony LaRocca

All my life can be explained by garbage on the floor.

All my life in cluttered piles leading to the door.

So much extra energy is wasted trying to get through the day

So much time is lost in trying to guess what I had to say.

Clutter in my mind, clutter in my pocket, clutter around my belly,

One day too much clutter in my heart will turn my brain to useless jelly!

Do you really need this, do you really need that, papers wrapped with strings and tape,

If I can find a shovel small enough, I’ll dig my mind out and escape!


Sammy said...

beautiful poem tony! I love where you got your inspiration from..... :D so much clutter, we al do have to breathe!whoooooosaaaaaah.... :D

Anonymous said...

Your poem is cluttered. Hhahhhaaaaaa. Would you believe me if I told you I've never had a card in my wallet? It's true! But live in a computer, so don't need paper ...

Caroline said...

Wow what a lot of cards!

I love the Pride and Joy picture idea.

Thanks for playing!

Caroline said...

Oh and I forgot to say I'm impressed that it led you to a poem too - will it inspire you to be less cluttered or just to enjoy it more - both work for me!

V.K. said...

Why do we love reading about the contents of other people's wallets/bags/lives? This is better than People Magazine!

Something Different said...

nice! now, you should draw the contents!

Tony LaRocca said...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. It was actually a recent Creative Writing class exercise, & I couldn't ignore the synchronicity of Caroline's post...

Aravis said...

I don't think my organizer could handle all of those cards! Loved the poem. *G*

Rayne said...

Hey! That's a very good poem. I'm impressed.
What email address should I send your questions to?

janie said...

Mensa card indeed, you just couldn't help yourself could you!
You should be wearing one of these
the second caption down naturally.

Tony LaRocca said...

LOL My favorite was "If you can read this, I haven't thrown up on myself yet!"

Jennifer Blake said...

fun poem Tony... and sometimes clutter inspires us too...>> (to clean up)... for it creates an accident that we need to fix and be creative about... specially when the accident occurs on something you have been work ing on for several hours and there is no point smucking yourself on the head about.... What is cool is when the fix...turns out better than the original... and some person puts some HIGHER meaning on your chosen fix..... I just sit back and sometimes.... JUST sometimes.... thank clutter!