Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dealing with the Worthless People at Verizon (Part 2)

After having to wait yet another entire day for someone from Verizon (8am-6pm is a hell of a window, isn't it?) Jen called Verizon from her cell phone at 5:30 to find out that (supposedly) a technician came out at 3:30, decided "This is an apartment building, I can't get in without someone at their building office letting me in, and they're probably closed" (This is almost verbatim what the lady at Verizon said.) They then said that our basements were "rat infested," (a lie, but how would you know if you couldn't get in?) And whatever is wrong with out phone, (for the second week in a row) it is probably something one of our maintenance people did. Jen furiously told them that she had made arrangements to get the person in to do work, but how could they just (supposedly) come and not even ring the bell? "Well, he tried calling you," the lady at Verizon said. HOW CAN THEY CALL US IF OUR PHONE DOESN'T WORK?

Of course, there's nothing that can be done about it. We just have to wait until tomorrow, and Jen has to waste yet another day sitting around waiting for them to come. No way to make monopolies accountable, no way to ensure this doesn't happen again- or even gets fixed properly.



Jennifer Blake said...

Here is a grrrrrrrrrrrrr to support you...

Bell Canada, Rogers Cable, same deal........they have definite control issues. !!!!^&(*%(*&%^(*

Used to live in a place where they shared wires.. (different cable companys and the phone people) ... so some new techie would pull one.. say.. *duh, this looks good... rewire and cut 4 or 5 innocent people out of the loop*...This happened several times and some businesses were affected as well.... GRRRRRRRR

Aravis said...

I admire the restraint you're both showing! I don't handle that sort of thing well at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh trust me Aravis we weren't handling it well either. My dear husband finally got someone out here after calling the repair dept himself. They must think that they can sweet talk me, but he wasn't hearing any of it. We finally have our phone back :D

-Jen (Tony's wife cause I can't sign into blogger)

wildsnowflake said...

We had issues with the cable guy... Was supposed to come to the store between 10-5. Don't close for lunch, keep waiting. Call up at 4:50 to see when/if they are coming. Get a call back at 5:10 saying that they had stopped by and noone was there. Oh and that they left a note! Like I could have missed some guy putting a post-it on a glass door of a store with a sign that says OPEN!