Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dream a Little Dream of Me

I don't know what Jen put in the steak Marinade last night, but whatever it was, it gave me some really odd ones:

Dream 1:
My family & I were at my (maternal) grandparents old house in Brooklyn. It was late at night. Instead of windows in the kitchen, there was a sliding door that led to an Olympic length indoor swimming pool. Suddenly in shorts, I sat at the edge & dipped my feet in the water. It was heated. My cousins' kids were playing in the water. At the center of the pool was a scaffold with halogen lamps on stands and a baby goat chained to it. A long series of extension cords- which sometimes sagged into the water- powered the lights, which were barely above water. I waded to the scaffold and unplugged the cord. The end fell apart and began to unravel in my hands. I began to panic, terrified that the children & I would be electrocuted. I blew on the stranded wires & they glowed as if they were on fire. I lay them on the goat, hoping his fur would insulate him. It worked. I woke up.

Dream 2:
I was invited to an eleven-year-old's birthday party. Realizing I didn't have a gift, I grabbed a small flower pot on the way out. The kid's mother (who looked just like Patricia Heaton) raised her eyebrow & pointed to an identical flower pot alongside her driveway . I dream-remembered that I had gotten that for the kid last year. I made up some story about forgetting the rest of the present- some sort of botanical junior science kit- at home. She pretended to accept this. Instead of going inside, I was captivated by their brick driveway, which was carved with runes. I looked closer and saw that instead of bricks, they were really making up the marble roof of an ancient, buried building. I marked the block I had been examining with a Sharpie. I woke up.

Dream 3:
I was about to take part in some kind of battle. We were all given night-vision helmets that looked like Princess Leia's mask when she's pretending to be a bounty hunter in Return of the Jedi. My lenses weren't lining up correctly. My fellow soldiers were very relaxed & helpful.

Dream 4:
I was going to go to the firing range with my friend Chris' father. I didn't have a weapon, just pockets full of old bullets I didn't think would really work.

Any ideas?



Aravis said...

Any ideas?

Switch marinade.


Lou said...

Dream 1: Always go swimming with a goat.

Dream 2: Stop giving kids plants for their birthday. Though, it depend on if it is a five leafed plant and they are teenagers. ;)

Dream 3: You secretly want to be Princess Leia.

Dream 4: You woke up too soon, but you were about to morph into Jet Li's character in 'The One' and throw the bullets at the target therefore not needing a weapon.

That's my interpretation but YMMV. :)