Sunday, July 08, 2007

"...and if there's one thing lower than a sideshow freak/ It's a grit eating, scum sucking, pencil necked geek!"

Illustration Friday: Geeky

Tony's Ultimate Geek Test

1) According to the original television show, what race created the Transformers?
2) In Quantum Physics, what two simultaneous states does Schrödinger's cat exist in?
3) On the show Doctor Who, who is the only relative of the Doctor's ever shown in the series?
4) What has the insignia NCC-1701?
5) In NetHack, what will eating a floating eye's corpse do for you?
6) What were David Bowman's last words before entering the stargate?
7) In algebra, what does the letter e (lower case) stand for?
8) How do you make a Crysknife?
9) What planet do Wookies come from?
10) What word do the Knights Who Say "Ni" fear most?

Feel free to add your own.



Studio Zuga said...

damn tony i only knew the answer to the monty python one, does that make me a grit eating, scum pond sucking, red necked pencil geek? :0 Who said that. lol i'm amazed where u get these tid bites of info to post. ur like a blogging game show host. all u need are a few sponsers and ppl could actually play for gifts and money, right on ur site

Studio Zuga said...

damn forgot to ask is that a pic of young ozzy as a boy nice illo

studio lolo said...

I flunked every question. But trust me, I'm a geek in my own right. Fun illo too, Tony!

esillustration said...

I love Dr.Who and I just saw Transformers the new movie the other night. It was AWESOME!!!

I enjoy this drawing very much. I went to a farm yesterday and saw chicken babies everywhere!


Aravis said...

2. Alive and Dead

9. I don't know, but I know what a Wookie is, and have since it came out in '77. Do I get partial credit?

10. "It." Because of this, there's no need to bring them a shrubbery, big and expensive, or otherwise.

No, I'm not the ultimate geek. But there's a trace of it in me nonetheless. *G*

Jack said...


french toast girl said...

1) According to the original television show, what race created the Transformers?
Is it the Decepticons?

4) What has the insignia NCC-1701?
The Starship Enterprise

5) In NetHack, what will eating a floating eye's corpse do for you?
Make you clairvoyant.

8) How do you make a Crysknife?
Enchant a worm tooth.

10) What word do the Knights Who Say "Ni" fear most?

love, me

Michelle Lana said...

Man, where have I been? I flunked every question, Tony :(

Loni Edwards said...

Star Trek Geek here, so of course, I got that one right :) Great quiz and great illo!

steve said...

Uh oh, I must be a geek then 'cause I love grits. Good, funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

Tony believes in, "Don't live to geek; geek to live" :)

Tony LaRocca said...

I'm not giving answers yet, but md, the title is from the song "Pencil Neck Geek" by Freddie Blassie. It's a classic. The line preceding the one I used in the title is "Mom said, "Sell it to the circus, what the heck?/ Dad said, "Nope! This one's a pencil neck!"

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Hah! I was just waiting to see if someone would attempt to illustrate the original meaning of geek (person who bites the heads off live chickens at circus sideshows)! You are the winner!

100% flunked your geek test. But there are other ways of being geeky, methinks. (Like being a person who loves to use the word 'methinks'!)

Emila Yusof said...

Funny illo, Tony! I failed the test.

DaisyB said...

Aw Tony! Those are some hard questions! I'm no geek....

But you wanted to know how to make a digital clock by hand? I answered you on my blog. Funny illo :)

HARDWAX said...

I think your brain contains too many facts already, so I'm not gonna tell you the answers.
Great depiction of a traditional geek, makes me wanna swallow.

Jennifer Blake said...

was that how you got rid of the peeps tony....?

Love your illo and as per usual... learned something new... (a bout geek)..... I also learned I dont know anything about what you asked... but... in this case that makes me a winner!

Ian T. said...

2) Alive and dead.

3) His granddaughter (in the first series).

10) It.

Otherwise, I fail. I am, however, a geek.