Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Offense to Drag Queens, But...

Dear Piers, Shannon, & David:

How could you pass up something brilliant like The Redneck Tenors for a no-talent fat-jiggling female impersonator like Boy Shakira? Seriously! (Note: I have nothing against transvestites- to each their own- I just don't think that being a transvestite in and of itself is a bankable talent.)



Laura McDowell said...


I am SOOOO with you there. I have a new found admiration of David Hasselhoff now (Which is saying something. I had lost it since the "Jump in My Car" music video...LOL)...He was livid the first time they sent "Her" through.

My theory:
American Idol received so much press from the Sanjaya debacle, that the America's Got Talent is trying to recreate with Boy Shakira...Publicity Stunt (Both have Simon Cowell as Ex.Prod.)...What do you think?

ChristyMarcusLitster said...

I couldn 't believe that. Boy Shakira was terrifying! I actually liked the redneck guys! Ahhh that show makes me crazy - yet I still love it. lol!

gypsy noir said...

Well, The Red Neck Tenors are certainly unique.. but 'Boy' Shakira brings belly dancing to a new low..Spooky!..

Ian T. said...

While I haven't seen these, er, guys, I think the irony of transvestitism is that if it's done totally convincingly it becomes kind of pointless, at least entertainment wise.

L is for Gifted said...

The rating whores had to do it. Watching Hasselhoff freak out was kind-of worth it in my opinion.

Rayne said...

They dumped the redneck tenors??? How could they do that???
He's not even a good transvestite. This sucks.