Monday, July 09, 2007


A Conversation while driving down 38th street on Saturday:

Joe: What's a Peep Show?
Me: What?
Joe: There's a sign: "Peep Show, only twenty-five cents!"
Jen: Oh God...
Me: Well... you know what Peeps are?
Joe: No...
Me: You know, those yellow marshmallow chickens you get at Easter?
Joe: The ones you tried to roast on a stick but they just melted?
Me: That's them! Well... they make puppets... of giant Peeps. And they... put on a show.
Joe: What kind of show?
Jen: Yeah, what kind of show?
Me: You know- singing, dancing- it's like The Muppet Show. But with Peeps.
Joe: I want to go!
Me: I don't have twenty-five cents.
Joe: Mommy, what's so funny?
Jen: Nothing!
Me: Besides, we can't stop, we're going to Tom & Rachel's
Joe: Some other time, then.
Me: ...Yeeeah.


Anonymous said...

HAHHAHHAAAAAAA! Chicken porn 'some other time' Tony?

Jeannette said...

when he's 30 he wont understand why those little treats turn him on so much.

Aravis said...

You'll have to save this and show him some day, when he's old enough to get it. *G*

french toast girl said...

Paul loved this, btw. :)

Jennifer Blake said...

darn , arent kids wonderful... and dont they keep us on our toes...............and arent our partners soooo helpful..... (bet you both laughed over that one later) !

Rayne said...

this one is soooo gonna come back and bite you on the butt. It's funny, though. quck thinking.