Friday, August 03, 2007

"There's Someone In My Head, But It's Not Me..."

Illustration Friday: Missing

I think I went missing a long time ago. If someone finds me, please let me know.

As I ride the F train at 5:30a.m., I've come to the realization that the earlier the subway, the uglier the riders. This is because the more beautiful someone is, the better chance they have of getting a job with regular hours. (The exception to this rule is nurses returning home after a night shift.) Of course, if the MTA actually sorted us by looks, I'd be restricted to riding at two in the morning...

Jen, Joe & I watched Star Trek: First Contact last night. It's a fun movie, but it never impressed me. It just seems like a two hour episode of STTNG. I remember the first Borg episode, "Q Who?" Q sends the Enterprise to a region of space never explored before, to smack some of the self-righteousness off of Picard's face. There they meet the Borg, a hive-like cybernetic collective who are much more powerful than anything crew of the Enterprise has ever encountered. Like true aliens, they act in ways humans can't comprehend. At the end, Picard admits defeat, that there are things out there far beyond human abilities, and Q returns the Enterprise back to Earth's sector of the galaxy before it is destroyed.

Sadly, the Borg became too popular to leave alone, and with each revisitation, Star Trek sociology had to make them more & more human. First came Locutus- the Borg who lived, then Hugh- the kinder & gentler Borg, followed by Jeri Ryan as Seven-of-Nine- the hubba-hubba Borg, leaving us in First Contact with Alice Krige as the vamping Borg queen, complete with sexual innuendos. Another brilliant, original idea, trampled into mediocrity.

Another good giggle in the film is the introduction of the Quantum Torpedo. What in the name of Vishnu's Third Arm is a Quantum Torpedo? Does it have to be observed before it detonates? Does it change the state of being of its target? Does it play dice with the universe? Does it only exist in finite quantum intervals, disappearing from the Enterprise and reappearing instantly at it's target? Don't be silly; it's just a pretty blue ball of light that blows things up. Next up: Star Trek: Insurrection, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Enjoy Face-Lifts.



Tanya Nichols said...

scary tony scary...took the L in chicago and wierdos ride all the time....

Anonymous said...

I think your writing and whoever is in that head of yours is much scarier than the 'missing you'!

Valeriannah said...

Very cool illo, and I loved your story about the trains and the Borg. I've never taken a ride on a subway, must be quite an experience. It seems a little scary to me. I'm a bit of a pussy. I've been discovering that my cowardice is quite complicated. I hate stepping outside in a thunderstorm, but I'll haul ass down the freeway on a Suzuki 1150 GSX.
Resistance is futile you will be absorbed!

studio lolo said...

That thing you said..."I miss me" , I hear you. You're preaching to the choir.

janie said...

You're just missing your beauty sleep.

merlinprincesse said...

Well, you know, when you talk about Trek, I LOVE IT!!!! I'm so crazy! :) But be aware, I was a Borg once! Hheheheh.... Well, a long story!
OH! BTW I think you should be in the 8 am train.... :) Ask your loved ones. I think they will agree!

imwithsully said...

I agree. By the looks of your profile pic, you should be riding the train at 8am. Possibly even later since you look like a CEO of someplace really cool!

Jennifer Blake said...

cool commetary Tony... though I agree.. you do need to take a later train!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Evocative drawing. I'd be missing me if I was up and out in public by 5:30 am, too.

Here's a poem I got via Writer's Almanac: (I save the whole email, sorry I can't just send the link)
Tell Me

There are many people who spend their nights
on the subway trains. Often one encounters
them on the morning commute, settled in corners,
coats over their heads, ragged possessions heaped
around themselves, trying to remain in their own night.

This man was already up, bracing himself against
the motion of the train as he folded his blanket
the way my mother taught me, and donned his antique blazer,
his elderly, sleep-soft eyes checking for the total effect.

Whoever you are-tell me what unforgiving series
of moments has added up to this one: a man
making himself presentable to the world in front
of the world, as if life has revealed to him the secret
that all our secrets from one another are imaginary.

carla said...

It's been a long time since I've been on the subway, but I do remember the early morning characters. I definitely think you'd fall into the later hour group... you're kinda cute! And the illo... reminds me of Neo's first interrogation with Agent Smith in the first Matrix... agggggh!

String said...

Over here it's better to be up one around. The English take their sleep seriously! In fact meeting anyone early in the morning was enough for a heart attack!

HARDWAX said...

I agree with the coommentors who say sorta, that you are too pretty for 5:30am. You have a rugged, devil may care look to you, reflected in your beautiful likeness of yourself this week. I love the Borg.

Tony LaRocca said...

To all the beautiful, kind, but blind posters out there- thanks for your comments :)

Tracy said...

Kinda creepy illo! But I love ST:TNG! I can see what you mean by the watering down of the Borg. . . They were so scary and unfeeling and then they "humanized" them. I still love it! (Not many of us left, sadly.)

Studio Zuga said...

yeh there someone in my head tooo and hes not even paying rent. aunty pink told me there'd be days like that. but not so many in a row. maybe thats why uncle floyd left. nice illo

Larry Lee said...

Scary! Glad I don't have to take the subway (or bus, since there is no subway in Akron [except the sandwich shop]).
If Picard had remained Locutus, the American Dad might have a Borg for a boss!