Friday, August 31, 2007

Who Snopes the Snopers?

I'm sure most of you have gone through this scenario: Person A forwards to all of his or her friends- including you- some urban legend. This is immediately followed in your mailbox by a letter from Person B, who says, "This story isn't true, check out!" You check it out, and feel you now know the "truth." You have evolved another step on the internet ladder, a rung above those idiots who'll believe and forward anything.

So my question is, why do people trust Snopes to tell the truth? Why are they so sure that everything on the internet but Snopes is suspect? I'm just curious.



Aravis said...

Yes, and then who snopers the snopes snopers?

Nava said...

Oh, OK.... stepping down from that rung. It felt soooooooooooo good till this post!

Can I still stick with, just to feel a bit superior?

Knitting Painter Woman said...

It pays to be skeptical!
Re: predicting the outcome of vegetable oil usage instead of petrochemicals... DO find a copy of The Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb( He points out that predictions are very hard to make, but that understanding history is EVEN HARDER!

catnapping said...

i usually follow snopes' footnotes and references. they back up their assertions.

having said that, i've noticed that the authors have a habit of using language to force some bias in some of their refutations...