Thursday, August 09, 2007

Windorphins are an Ebay Ad Campaign!

A Public Service Announcement: If you've ever seen those cute little Windorphin ads and wondered what it was all about, it's just an annoying ad ploy by Ebay. Get it? You WIN the bid, you get WINDORPHINS. There, I've saved you precious internet time you could have spent looking at porn. Feel free to thank me.



Aravis said...

Shoot, and I was just about to place a bid. Does this mean you've just freely given me losedorphins? *G*

Tina Poe said...

Haha! Nothing should get in the way of porn time.

Craig J. said...

I haven't won an eBay auction in ages. Must be why my energy levels are down. I'm dangerously low on Windorphins.