Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Arrrrrr, I caught meself a Cheetah Girl, and no scurvy dog’s goin’ to take her from me!

(Don’t ask me what a Cheetah Girl is, I have no idea. Jen picked out the costumes. Seriously. If Mandy was going to be Cheetah Girl, then Joe should have been Tarzan.)

Completely unrelated thoughts of the day:

Do teenage girls really like to shop, or is that just a bandwagon stereotype created by advertiser-sponsored television to get them to go out and spend money?

Do Vorlons buy clothes for their kids at Osh Kosh B'Gosh? (For that matter, are there any other geeks out there who remember what Vorlons are?)



Aravis said...

You'll find out when she's a teenager. *G*

Don't know what a Cheetah Girl is? You're (modern) Disney-deprived. Not that you're really missing anything.

Anonymous said...

BOO! Love your scary family photo!

PS: It helps for parents not to buy all the latest trends for future teenage girl's healthier shopping habits.

french toast girl said...

Probably a bit of both. Girls (and women) are taught that in shopping, they have the power of choice. What's sad is the choices that are out there. I highly recommend the book "Packaging Girlhood" - it opened my eyes to a lot of stereotypical garbage that is out there, and getting pushed on our kids.

love, me