Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stuffed Animal Survivor

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Stuffed Animal Survivor:
Since she was a few months old, my four-year-old daughter Amanda's favorite "woobie" has been a blue doll named Dolly, or occasionally Blue. We have a pink model of the same doll, but she never really caught on. Dolly is my mother-in-law's nemesis, as she (Dolly, not my MIL) is quite drool stained, despite the fact that she's been washed so many times her name may as well be Whitey- but I digress.

Anyhoo, Dolly is still Amanda's favorite when bedtime comes around, but recently she has been adding stuffed animals to her nighttime entourage. They are appropriately & respectively named Tiger and Bear. The other night, I checked in on Amanda at about 2am. She was lying silently awake. I tucked her in, (she has the habit of kicking her covers off,) and saw that Bear was sitting above the pillow, against the wall. I tucked him in with Amanda, but she took him and quickly put him back up against the wall. "Bear's out!" she said.

"Out?" I asked, holding Bear to her. Amanda grabbed him from my hand and threw him on the floor.

"Bear's out," she decreed, rolled over, and went to sleep. I can't help wondering what his offense was.



Anonymous said...

I'd watch that 'Dolly' ... think she might be jealous of Amanda's new potential friends and behind Bear's expulsion!

Anonymous said...

WHAAAAA is THAT what Bear looks like? He lept out at me from nowhere!

ElizT said...

You will never know. Or she might tell you when she is 25.

Bron Smith said...

I like the green flame effect that you created...and the cute bear story.

Aravis said...

Love the green flames!

Is it possible she had a nightmare which involved Bear in some way? Personally, I find dolls to be the creepier toy. By far.

Poor Bear.

Craig J. said...

She must have caught the Threatdown on The Colbert Report one night.

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Nicely done, Tony!

french toast girl said...

Petey does the same thing sometimes! He will banish certain stuffed animals, and if I try to put them back in bed with him when he's asleep, in the morning I find them across the room where he's hurled them. He once made me bring one back downstairs because "he's not supposed to be here."

steve said...

Kids sometimes have a way of thinking all their own, huh? Anyhow, great story and the abstracted image is awesome.

Studio Zuga said...

lov the mas of greemn high energy. and ur story reminds me of my kids speically my son he had about 15 stuff animals to go to bed with at 1 point and i had to tell a story for each one everynight. i was happy on the nights where he had decided a few where not able to join the rest. oh and hate to say this but man them aint eggs there yellow japanese pickled veggies in a dish. definently dont want sit on them.