Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, Going to the zoo, zoo zoo..."

Illustration Friday: Zoo

I can't decide if I'm looking in at it, or if it's looking in at me.

For those who don't know, I'm out of work for a few weeks. I have back problems (3 herniated discs) that have been acting up, & I'm taking my furlough time now to rest up & take it easy. Went to NJ on Thursday, saw my parents & my sisters, got to watch my sister Mary get proposed to by her boyfriend Jeff, (isn't that cute?) All in all, life is good.



Anonymous said...

Your life sounds positive even with the three herniated discs! Therefore, you are looking in at the 'zoo thing' at the zoo Tony :) Still love that terrible song ... Hey! That eye is looking very Hellcatish ... look away Tony, mischief ahead!

shawn said...

WOW! That eye fits the eye in the background! Way cool! I really love that! (I hope you'll be back to feeling good soon. You take good gentle care of your back,k?) Really love your drawing. Made me wanna peek with just one eye open myself!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Your zoo critter looks pretty Grinch-ish. Perhaps the union guys had something to do with that? The song lyrics sound vaguely familiar. I think I blocked most of the Pete Seeger and Raffi years. (I always liked Eeples and Baninis, though.)
Hope your back gets the rest and recuperation it needs.

studio lolo said...

Yikes! Sorry about your weak back. When did it start? About a week back? Ba-doom-boom. Okay, had to throw some Stooges in there. Honestly though, Tony, back stuff bites big time. I hope you recoup real soon. And yeah, the eye lines up with the other eye. Great!

Aravis said...

Congratulations to sister Mary!

Keep taking care of yourself, and feel better soon. It's amazing how back problems can painfully and completely debilitate you. :0(

Larry Lee said...

Maybe it's just the season, but I also saw a Grinch look there. Cool none-the-less. Very fitting to the topic.
Hope your back gets better soon.