Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Analyze Tony Yet Again

I dreamed I was walking down a dark cobblestone street in the middle of the night. I was drawn to a rock sitting on top of a wall. I took it down and breathed on it. It glowed, and then grew features. I thought of how Jen liked cats and I stroked it. It began to grow hair, turning into a small kitten. It kept growing, eventually turning into a sort of golden cat-woman, but with a long black horn-billed beak for a mouth. She stood up, and wanted to go walking with me.

Any ideas?



Lou said...

Too many jalapeƱos before bedtime?

Or maybe you secretly want a cat from Italy for Christmas.

Aravis said...

You were thinking about Jen's birthday, and how much you love her. The dream symbolizes the dark wandering that your life was before you met her. You found what at first appeared to be a simple rock, but then you learned that there was more to it; it was magical. Just as there was something more to Jen, and your feelings for her, when you met. It turned into a cat because you wanted to please her. It- your love- continued to grow and evolve, and you plan to continue to walk through life together.

As for the beak, I've got nothing right now. Maybe that's where Lou's jalapenos come into play?


french toast girl said...

Dang, Aravis, that's good. :)

I'm not good on the dream analysis, but whatever you're having for dinner/before you go to bed; I want some.

love, me

Andrea said...

You like pussy ... cats. Is that too over the top? ;0

Still running some giveaways over at my blog, drop back by.

Anonymous said...

OK Thats DEEP but...For three nights running now I've had the most unusual and disturbing dream....Where I'm a 19th century french painter with a palete, paitbrush and beret and an ill fitting black suit and I'm painting perfectly rectangular white lines on an endless snakeing desert highway and people are yelling at me...YOU MISSED A SPOT!!!!