Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lucid Dreaming 101: Distractions

As I've mentioned on here before, from time to time, (average about once a month,) I have a night when I have lucid dream after lucid dream. The rest of the time, try as I might, it just doesn't happen. Go figure. Maybe the moon has to be in the right position for it's gravity to pull in just the right direction on my brain. Yummy.

I've also mentioned that my preferred method of travel is by doorway. I usually say, "I want to go here or there," a door appears and... well, sometimes I get to where I want to go. More often than not, however, I wind up sidetracked. (People have mentioned to me before that I should just demand to be taken where I want to be, but that doesn't work for me as well. Maybe my willpower just isn't strong enough.) The main thing that sidetracks me is other people. No matter where I go in my lucid dreams, there are always three or four people wanting my attention. I wonder if this is just me, or if there is something to the gestalt mind theory, and because I live in an apartment building, my dreams overlap with other peoples'. Food for thought.

In one lucid dream, I entered a room where Doctor Whos 2, 3, & 4, (Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, & the greatest of them all, Tom Baker,) were waiting for me! My initial annoyance at being sidetracked from my purpose was quickly replaced with delight. "Oh, we get together from time to time," Jon Pertwee said with a slight smile. (Jon Pertwee & Patrick Troughton are sadly dead, while the incomparable Tom Baker is very much alive.) Immediately, Tom Baker jumped up & insisted I see his new stereo. He led me to another room, where a few more people were admiring his impressive setup. Patrick Troughton grabbed my arm. "Don't you understand?" he said, looking into my eyes. "They're trying to distract you- trying to keep you from doing what you have to do- trying to fill your mind with gibberish!"

It was a moment of clarity, one I reflected on when I awoke. I was rather annoyed that that was my final lucid dream of the night, because I wanted to make sure I was focused when the next one happened. (I also want to try to stop relying on doors- and do I have to go to a certain location to do what I want to do anyway?) But upon reflection, I realized that my subconscious was trying to get a message across to me: My life is filled with distractions. My apartment is cluttered with shit I don't need (Please see George Carlin's classic routine on "Stuff.") My mind is also so crammed with useless shit, I'm overflowing. I can't let a few minutes go by without playing some sort of internet game or watching TV online. (I'm addicted to Tower Defense games,) solitaire, Sudoku, Escape the Room games... the list goes on and on. I'm constantly checking news feeds, blogs, Adult Swim cartoons, I-am-bored... My life and mind are cluttered beyond belief.

There's a Zen story that goes something like this. A guy goes to the Zen master to seek wisdom. The Zen master offers him a cup of tea. He fills the guy's cup with tea, and then some. He just keeps pouring, ignoring the fact that the tea is pouring out of the cup, onto the table, onto the floor, and then finally onto the seeker himself. "Stop it!" the poor tea-soaked guy finally shouts. The Zen master looks up and says, "You are this cup. How can I fill you if you are already overflowing?"

(That's the way we electricians do it.)

I'm trying to rectify this. I'm trying to do what I have to do on the computer with only instrumental jazz in the background. I'm trying to keep away from games, from feeds, from digg this or thats... let's see how it goes. In the meantime, I'm happy you came here to be distracted.



Knitting Painter Woman said...

I'm glad to know you have your dreams and that they are in close communication with you. Perhaps if I sleep more than 4 hours at a time, mine will come back. Your post brought up tender feelings. So human to get distracted. To want distractions. So brave to focus and choose what's important.

String said...

If you read Robert Monroe's 'Journeys from the Body' book he write in it that the best way to control astral projection is to intend to go towards a person. I had trouble with control initially also as I would want to go to a place...with me, it was exiting through walls, as I love the textural crunch of the wall or ceiling - also because in general I moved rapidly.

One night I decided to follow his instructions and I thought strongly of an ex in Hawaii, I was in California at the time. For some reason I flew as slow as a plane and the endless expanse of the Pacific below began to freak me I wished myself home. But it worked.

Here is the exercise. Get control of your 'lucid dream' or 'astral projection' and think strongly of a person you want to visit...turn slowly until you feel a pull - follow the pull. Why don't you try it and visit here? I will be on the lookout!

The Richest Man On Earth said...

I am glad that you practice good dream interpretation techniques. Make sure you work on your weakness then. This is something that I lack also.