Thursday, December 06, 2007

Metaphysics 101: Does My Higher Self Get High?

My last post about simulism prompted some interesting responses, both here and in my email box. A friend suggested that I "get in touch with my higher self." The theory works like this: we are all projections into this reality, extensions of higher selves, which live in a higher dimension or reality. (If you want to combine this theory with simulism, perhaps our higher selves are the players in the gOd simulation, and we are the online characters.) When we are lost or hurting, or our lives are going wrong, it's because we are out of tune with our higher selves. To use a common phrase, we should, "Let go and let God."

I lay awake last night thinking about this. There have been times in my life where everything has gone my way, and there are times, when, in the words of the late great Jim Croce, "I keep a waitin' for my ship to come in/ And all that ever comes is the tide." The times when everything has gone my way, everything in me was of one mind & purpose. The times it hasn't, everything in me was working against me. Here's an example: those who know me in real life know I've always had a weight problem. There have been times when it's been very easy for me to get back in shape, there are times when nothing I do will work, or when I simply don't care at all. The same goes for writing. There have been days when I've spent every free second writing, there are days when there is nothing in the world that will get me to put anything down. At these times, there is a tiny portion of me that cares (call it consciousness, superego, or whatever,) and the majority of me just doesn't care anymore. (subconsciousness, id, entropy) Now- as that part of me is stronger than the rest of me, and as nothing I can do will overcome it, does that make this part of me the "higher self"? To quote Bill Cosby- when told that cocaine enhances the personality- "Yes, but what if you are an asshole?"

So, if this I can follow this line of reasoning, then- the times that I'm hurting- it means that my higher self is hurting. And if that's true, there's nothing I can do about it, because it's like a toenail trying to cure the foot of a spurred heel. But then, that means that when my higher self hurts, that its higher self must be hurting, and so on and so forth, all the way back up to "The Source," "God," "gOd," "The Flying Spaghetti Monster," or "Bob," (If you're old enough to remember the Church of the SubGenius.) Considering the state of the world today, there's a lot of angels in heaven who need therapy. And I have to stop eating Chinese food before going to bed.



String said...

What if there is no perfect self? But we are all 'becoming' or creating constantly - sometimes creation hurts, like birth for example, sometimes it's smooth like a great piece of inspired writing.

Couldn't it be the pain and the hard times are merely those things which juxtapose and augment the good? Growing pains, literally as selves. My higher self is capable of all sorts of crap without my knowledge or agreement...someone might say...'well then it's not your higher self' but I disagree.

Pride, the thought of perfection...what the hec is perfection anyway? Who defines this term? Is not creation in itself enough?

Great blog Tony.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I'm more inclined to think that human ebb and flow is as normal as tidal changes. And storms. And becalmed stillness. When I'm in a snit, lately, I've like what Byron Katie has to way at www(dot)theWork(dot)com. Very new age, non-denominational... but it doesn't make me want to drink, scrounge chocolate (or even pizzelles) or think that I need more meds. Best to you in your philosopher's quest.
(Try Montaigne... he's pretty light hearted... even if he WAS French.)

Catnapping said...

I pretty much think the universe is like a giant bowl of pudding. We just see ourselves as separate from everything else, cuz we're so tiny...

I think we're really all just parts of one big whole...that our spirits are a part of that same wholeness, and interconnected. Alive or dead...nothing changes. Everything recycles (in a maintain homeostasis...[the only word i can think of to explain the balance that is maintained.])

I like to consider and say these following things to no particular order, and without further explaining...cuz I think the sum of these things indirectly supports my own little reality of the pudding theory...because our science and religion is so self-centered...humancentric:

1. What WE call "visible" what is visible to US. Bees and other insects can see in other wavelengths.

2. What WE call what WE can hear. Mice hear and squeak at wavelengths too high for our ears to discern...giraffes hear and listen at wavelengths too low for us to discern.

3. Entire lifetimes..eons to those organisms living there...occur in the 24 hours it takes for a drop of water to evaporate.

4. What we see as an probably a millenium to something small enough...consider the ant walking...traveling for what must seem like miles to him.

5. The earth is smoother than an orange...from the distance of those large enough to see it that small, anyway. And I bet what we see as a millenium is but an instant to them.

6. And if they were larger still...all that "space" between us and the other stars...would only be discernable in a powerful microscope...maybe?

Just my thoughts...I guess if I see any "higher selfness" of things, it is a oneness that we are all equal parts of. And by 'all,' I mean the rocks, dogs, birds, vomit, air, paint, gold, milk, fire, etc, etc.