Friday, January 04, 2008

Media - the Reality Tunnel Gauge.

Barack Obama won Iowa. I fully admit that I have no idea what this means, or how caucuses work. All I know is that we are one step closer to Hillary Clinton not being president, so I am happy. I am fully aware that people have their own deep-seated political opinions, and there's nothing I could say that would change them - and I really have no desire to. All I can say is that the only hope for this country is for someone who has had nothing to do with the divisive war that's been tearing this country to pieces for the last 40 years be elected, and she's right in the center of it.

Well, that's not quite all. There's also the fact that the Liberal Media have been shoving her down my throat as the Inevitable President ever since she carpet-bagged her way into the New York Senate back in 2000. But I wonder: is that really true, or is it just my reality tunnel? We all have our reality tunnels which filter out every part of the universe except what we believe in. I've come to the conclusion that the media is the best way to see what your reality tunnel is. When you watch television or read the news, what do you see? Do you see the liberals controlling the media, or the conservatives? Do you see evidence everywhere you look in TV, movies, and commercials that (blacks, whites, men, women, dogs, cats, Catholics, Jews, penguins, etc.) are the whipping boys/girls of society? I'm not saying that these problems don't exist; as some wise man once said, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean you're not trying to kill me. But if you start seeing evidence of your personal fears everywhere in the media, think hard about those fears, try to find where they come from.

But why worry? Politics is just another attachment to let go of. All I can do is make my vote, and that's something I don't have to do for another eleven months. Everyone else has the right to vote however they want, so their votes are not my concern. Let it go. (Nothing pisses me off more than when people say "I don't know how you Americans could have voted for Bush." It's because people have the freedom to vote for who they want to, and they chose someone you didn't like. Deal with it.) Then again, 90% of the news has nothing to do with me. Half of it has to do with some bimbo named Britney and her sixteen-year-old sister who got knocked up, - but not by me, so why even bother reading about it? There's a war going on, but there's always a war going on, and there's nothing I can do. Let it go. Some news items, of course, do affect me and my life. But there's so much crap in the news that we are bombarded with, to make us feel afraid, to make us feel as if we're being drowned by a world beyond or control. Or maybe that's just my reality tunnel talking. Something to think about.



String said...

Just got done doing a bit of yoga, read that, and in agreement all I can say is Ommmmmmmm....and thank god, not Hilary!

merlinprincesse said...

Hey! You've won an award on my blog! :))))