Monday, February 18, 2008

Dream Anaysis 101

I dreamt that I was watching a Spiderman film. Spidey was desperately trying to seal a crack in a brick wall using a trowel full of strawberry jam. The Green Goblin was played by Jerry Lewis (circa The Nutty Professor) complete with coke-bottle glasses and whiny voice. There was also a night-black giant, who was holding Sipderman in the air while he did his preserves-masonry work. For some reason, he let go. As they fell, the Goblin franticly threw a set of Rosary beads into the jam-filled crack.

Any suggestions?


Craig J. said...

Suggestion: Try cutting down on the hallucinogenics so close to bedtime.

Tony LaRocca said...

No, damn you, I won't give up my Mei-Fun with pork!