Thursday, February 21, 2008

Posing As Naked Dead People For Credibility

If you're not a horny young male, you may not be aware that Lindsay Lohan has posed nude for New York magazine. (For some reason it's a "tasteful spread" if it's done for New York, but it's "porn" if you do your tasteful spreading in Playboy.) The interesting thing is that she's dressed up as Marylin Monroe, reposing some shots that the late actress did ages ago. I have to wonder why she feels she needs to dress up as anyone else. The first day the magazine posted it's pictures online, so many people wanted to see her naked that its servers actually went down. (Officially naked anyway - she's been happily popping out of her top for the paparazzi for years.) It's almost sad in a way, that even people who are idolized need to pretend they're someone else to get some sort of credibility. Maybe there's a subtext to the ill-fitting blonde wig, or some artistic meaning to the ridiculous false eyelashes. It reminds me of something the late Peter Sellers said to Kermit when he guest-hosted The Muppet Show: "There is no me. There was a me - but I had it surgically removed."


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Aravis said...

I saw this story, which broke at the same time someone said they had found a rare photo of MM, which turned out to be false. Then, the next day, a woman walked into the gas station with a Marilyn Monroe wig on. I've got no idea what that was about, but it was pretty surreal.