Friday, March 14, 2008

Davros is Everywhere

Kudos to Telltale Game's Sam & Max: Chariots of the Dogs for putting (future) Sam in a Davros chair, with Captain Pike's three lights thrown in for good measure. Bonus points for Future Max's Geordi LeForge visor.

A special note to the news media in the NY area: He resigned, she's a high-paid-ho. There's nothing more to tell. Please find something new to blab about. You're embarrassing yourselves.



Rayne said...

This isn't good. I've a whole bunch of things to do today and I've been carefully avoiding even thinking of looking at the previews or anything else of Sam And Max so I wouldn't get distracted and now you do this....

Aravis said...

You know that I live in a tiny town in CT, but even so the local rag reported on Spitzer, and how local politicians might be affected.

Yes, because Spitzer had so much political influence in the NW corner of a neighboring state.

The news did move on from Spitzer, to cover Paterson's affairs. Improvement? *G*