Thursday, March 13, 2008

Disney Fastplay = Show Me the Disney Commercials

The other night, I rented Meet the Robinsons on DVD. I popped it in the player, and immediately the following message came up:

"This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney’s Fast Play. Your movie-"

Ok, this was all I needed to hear. I clicked on Fastplay - and, of course, was led to a preview. What the hell? I went back and played it again. This time I listened to the whole message:

"This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney’s Fast Play. Your movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically."

Obviously, "selection of bonus features" means "Disney commercials." Ok, so they're not entirely lying sacks of shit, they're merely dishonest sacks of shit.



Caroline said...

Sounds like its giving you time to adjust your set... get out the popcorn and generally ignore what they are spewing out until the film starts... just like the real movies...

Rayne said...

I hate that 'trapped in a preview world' thing we get now with DVDs. At least with VHS we could skip right on by. The thing that really irritates me is that now they manufacturers call it 'fast play' like it's a good thing, and you are stuck watching the damn previews every time you watch the movie, even after the movies they are previewing are out of the theater and their DVDs aren't even being sold any more.

J31 said...

My advice, just go to the menu, go to scenes, Choose scene 1, and TADAA! Easy Play in 30-40 seconds.