Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Governor "Steamroller" Spitzer Resigns.

As I'm sure everyone knows by know, Governor "Steamroller" Spitzer has resigned after getting caught procuring a highly-priced Naughty Woman of the Night. While I enjoy the hypocracy, (for those who don't live in NY, he got the nickname "The Steamroller" as a prosecutor who refused to give anyone a second chance, and delighted in revealing the moral lapses of others,) I never felt either way about him. The ones I really feel sorry for are his wife and kids. Not to pick old wounds, but I can't help but think that if a certain president hadn't gotten away with committing perjury while in office, the governor might have thought twice about committing a crime during his tenure. Ah well.


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janie said...

ya you can be sure he was Mr sanctimonious at home too, well at least he might be easier to live with after eating a huge piece of humble pie, I hope.