Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is the "Do Not Call" List Actually Being Enforced?

Is the "Do Not Call" list actually being enforced? When the list first started in 2003, it mercifully cut the seemingly constant barrage of unwanted calls. After a year or so, the telemarketers slowly started harassing my phone again. Now, five years later, I'm back to an average of three calls a day. These automated transgressions usually start with, "This is not a sales call," or, "This is an important message from your bank." My new nemesis is, "This is an important message from your car's warranty provider." Honestly. Are there people out there who are truly so stupid that they don't realize that if their bank was calling them, they a) wouldn't use an automated service, and b) they would actually say the name of the bank? And a special note to the NYC Department of Education: please stop your automated calls during dinner that tell me to "stay on the line for an important announcement," when that "important announcement" is an upcoming PTA meeting. I truly don't give a rats ass.



Knitting Painter Woman said...

What I've been told is there all sorts of exceptions. Such as, you ever solicited a business relationshp with that entity, or they are charitable or political. I had a dozen calls the day of the Texas Primary alone. Grrrrrrrr.

Tony LaRocca said...

I read that they modified the rules so that politicians (I love how they created a loophole for themselves in the law) can "only" call twice a day. As if there's any reason for them to call once, not to even think of twice. Being in NY, we occasionally get automated calls "from" Hillary Clinton. If she's allowed to call in robot form (and is there any other way for her?) and harass me, why aren't I allowed to call her?

Rayne said...

Telemarketers have come up with all sorts of ways to get around it. If your phone number has been 'collected' such as giving it out at the check out register or on a website when you order something, etc. you open yourself to calls. If they declare they are providing a service rather than a sales call, then they can call, etc. My favorites are when I pick up the phone and it's ringing on the other end, as if I made the call, and then you are supposed to sit and wait until someone over there picks up the phone to talk to you. I don't wait.
That would be really cool to call politicians, wouldn't it? Do you think they would behave differently if they knew their voters had a direct line to them?

String said...

We rarely answer our land-line anymore, it seems to have cut down on the amount we were receiving!