Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Pharmacy in My Tap

In case you don't know, recent studies show that the tap water in New York City (and other major cities) have been found to have traces of over the counter and prescription drugs. Officials claim that the traces are so small that they are negligible, (although they also admit they haven't actually tested it themselves.) How the hell do they know? Fine -they may be negligible to adults, but what about my kids, who have been drinking the water and eating food cooked in the water since they were infants? What effects does exposure to these drugs have over years on a child's forming brain?



Anonymous said...

You should look for a selective filtration system in order to keep your pH from being acidic and you’ll keep all your natural trace minerals in the water. Theres one certified system out there for the removal of SOCs and VOCs (which most pharmaceuticals classify as) in water and you can read more on their website:

I hope this information is helpful to you and your children but this is nothing new. There's been pharmaceuticals in our water for a long time it's just now that they have started to make it public knowledge.

Caroline said...

I was reading about this in New Scientist yesterday, not NYC specifically, but water generally. The problem is if people take drugs (whether prescription of not) the body doesn't just "use them up" it dumps them and whatever cocktail of by-products the body has made into the sewerage system... and not all of these are removed during the processing of our drinking water.

Lovely isn't it!