Thursday, April 03, 2008

Al Gore's $300 Million "We" Ad Campaign

Apparently, Al Gore has been given $300 million to spend on an environmental ad campaign. Why? I could see if the money was being spent to implement changes in our energy policy, research ethanol, erect a wind-farm or solar power plant... but it's not. It's going to be wasted on commercials that most likely won't make a difference, and the only ones who will make out will be the media. Maybe that's the idea.

I know this is old, but here is Penn & Teller's brilliant petition to ban water, which basically sums up my view of Al Gore's worshipers. Yes, there are real environmental issues. Yes, some idiots will sign anything you put in front of them. Enjoy.



janie said...

Hadn't seen this before, it's brilliant, although I must confess I wouldn't have recognized dihydrogenmonoxide as water either,duh

Caroline said...

Well it is very dodgy stuff you know!

Makes me glad I don't always sign everything!

Rich.. said...

Clearly this ad campaign is going to have to start with the basics and considering the evidence you've put forward $300 Million is not going to be enough !

merlinprincesse said...

I never sign anything!!!! Not even my checks! ;o)