Monday, April 14, 2008

Hong-Kong Phooey - #1 Superguy

Joe got his yellow belt in Jeet Kune Do on Friday. Yea Joe!

I'm not too sure about the yellow & red yin-yang. In every red there is a bit of yellow, it every yellow there is a bit of red... just doesn't have the same philosophical punch as light and darkness, you know?

And for those who smiled when reading the title and want to re-live the 70s, click here!



Anonymous said...

Congratualtions Joe, martial arts is a great sport to get into :)

french toast girl said...

Congratulations, Joey-san! When do you get to break boards with your bare feet?

We're so proud of you!

love, Aunt Elena

Caroline said...

Congratulations to Joe! Well done.

That red-yellow yin-yang is like a strange sunset...

Aravis said...

Congratulations Joe!!!