Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do the Electric Slide

Illustration Friday: Electricity

(Click on the above picture for high-detail. Go on, you know you want to.)
This little steampunk fellow seems to have discovered a new power source along the cobblestone road, and he's quite happy about it. He started out as a sketch at the bottom of directions Jen had scribbled down:

Converting sketches to 3d is fun. I tried adding a few more details, like some hoses and an access hatch, but it just didn't look right. Being an electrician I decided to do something educational as well. If you ever wondered just how two (or more) switches can control one light, here's a 3-way switch diagram:

(To add more, you would need to put 4-way switches in between the travelers. I was going to draw one, but I didn't want to get too complicated.) Right now, the light is on. Change either one of the switches (pivoting from the center dot) and the light goes off. Change either one again, and it goes on. Ingenious, no?

What am I doing up at this ungodly hour, I hear you cry. I have some miserable chest congestion that I can't get rid of and I can't sleep. I've taken all kinds of expectorants to no avail, including something ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING called "Buckley's Chest Congestion Mixture." Not only is this the most foul thing I have ever tasted, I'm still sputtering and hacking and nothing's coming up. Thanks a lot, Buckley. With all the noise I'm making, my neighbors are probably taking measures to have me condemned.

In other news, after two years, Disco Daleks has been yanked by YouTube for it's use of the YMCA song. Sigh. From what I've been reading online, such use technically does fall under those murky waters called "fair use." However, YouTube is not going to get sued on my account, so I'll just let it go. Mabye I'll put some generic synthesizer disco music to it and re-post, but I doubt it; it just wouldn't be the same.



Caroline said...

This topic was made for you wasn't it!

Great images.

And didn't you know cough medicines are meant to taste nasty. The nastier they are faster you get better so you can stop taking them...

Aravis said...

Your work always impresses the hell out of me!

I had just seen my daily "Savage Chickens" cartoon before coming here, and the two tie together so nicely that I have to share. I can't help but think that you would appreciate it:

Sorry, I don't normally like to do that.

I hope you feel better soon! Did Buckley go flying out the window? Although, you live in NY so that probably would be a less than stellar idea. Bet it was tempting, though.

Sorry to hear about Disco Dalek. On the other hand, I have the refrain from "Disco Duck" going through my head, and the blame for that rests squarely on you. So, thanks.


Ginger*:) said...

I would think that just by connecting with your little electroman here you could get rid of all that congestion. Sorry to hear about the Disco Dlaek. It isn't the only fave of mine that has been pulled from youtube.

mangosteenskin said...

ur digital work is great and this one is totally awesome.

thanks for ur comment. u made me laugh.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

ohh cool illo.. and making a simple drawing digital is superb!

i think i know something that might help you.. have you tried a vapo-rub? im not sure tho if its available there but i always use vics and it works! the better thing is no need to drink anything just rub it to your chest back and throat and it works like a miracle! lol.. well tho i advise if stuff like this doesnt work then you have to go see the docs.

thanks for passin by my blog btw..

atomicvelvetsigh said...

ops sorry i was using a proxy at work the link is this:

janie said...


Anonymous said...

A lot of thought has gone into your 'Electricity' image Tony - really impressed. Look at all of those reflections, not an easy task! GET WELL SOON!

kookyknut said...

Great render

ChristyMarcusLitster said...

very cool illo !!

ValGalArt said...

Really amazing buddy! We know why you are in this field :) You really made an incredible image!!!

studio lolo said...

Sounds like the bug I had in my chest for 6 weeks finally made it to NY! I hope you cough it all up soon :)

This is one awesome bot, btw!

FrankenBarry said...

Nice piece... enjoyed seeing the production sketch, and the background notes for it! Maybe you can take this guy to work with you... a new apprentice.

Dot said...

i love the transformation! very cool.