Friday, May 16, 2008

Miomarmo - That's a Spicy Meataball!

I can't claim that I've ever been a crusader for anything, including the environment. I've often taken George Carlin's stance on such issues: "The planet is fine. The people are fucked!" My feeling has been that regardless of whether pollution has caused global warming or not, it just can't be a good thing to poison the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. (Of course, you can always take the stance that since humans are members of the animal kingdom and creatures of nature, everything we create is as natural as a beaver's dam, but I'm sure some would disagree.)

Environmentalism has sadly become just another ism. There are those who cannot differentiate between different parts of an ideology or look at all sides of the picture rationally. Others just use pet causes for popularity or celebrity status. The worst problem with the environmental cause is that it's become one of those polarizing political issues: Democrats are for some reason automatically seen as "for" the environment, and Republicans "against." I think it has something to do with Al Gore.

Anyhoo, over the years, I've been able to separate the people who just like crusading and protesting for causes because it makes them feel special from those who actually care about things and try to make a difference. The labors of the latter (like Elena, for example,) can be found at Miomarmo, a new website dedicated to... well... they put it better than I ever could:

The World We Live In
We live in a world beset with enormous challenges in every category of human endeavor. The struggle for peace, prosperity, and liberty has taken on a desperate, shrill edge. Although daily news reports of atrocities and catastrophic trends in our weather and atmosphere are older than the Dead Sea Scrolls, our progress toward self destruction is clearly accelerating at a rate that only 100 years ago seemed inconceivable to all but the most profoundly radical thinkers. Wells, Einstein, Thoreau, Huxley and the like foresaw vast social and environmental collapse brought on by fast changing technology and human population growth. They painted harrowing pictures of unchecked and unsustainable exploitation of the planet. But they were dismissed by practical minded men as eccentric philosophers and purveyors of science fiction. In the hubbub of everyday life, our planet seemed an inexhaustibly renewable source of human consumables. And, only 100 years ago, common sense seemed to dictate that the Earth’s bounty was indeed inexhaustible and endlessly renewable.

But times are changing and today’s voices are resonating more distinctly and effectively. Rachel Carson, Al Gore, Edward Wilson, and the like, clear-eyed observations that the Earth is showing undeniable signs of exhaustion. At the same time, man’s inhumanity to man is fueled by rampant economies driven by cheap labor and a culture of violent politics that prize weapons whose killing efficiency over matches debate and compromise. Voices of peace and reason rise, and then are struck down by ruthless opponents. Animals, land, and vegetation are plundered with a reckless, efficient pursuit of excess and wasteful consumption. There are many, many places in the world and hundreds of millions of people who have never known the feeling of a bountiful and safe Earth. Animal and plant populations, both domestic and wild, are wiped out or consumed with horrific efficiency to attain objectives of comparatively little value. Forests are cleared, oceans stripped of life, and toxins dumped into the food chain from multiple sources.

Not a pretty picture. Yet we believe humanity and life on Earth will abide. As science and common sense come together to point to clear priorities for human conduct in the years ahead, many of us hearken to voices of the past as well as emerging voices of our time for guidance on practical modes of living. We are coming to understand that the single act of conservation or kindness repeated over and over can be part of a global pattern of such acts and persons. MioMarmo is a place for where we come together to share insights, advice, experiences, resources and paths to practical action for improving all life on Earth by improving our own lives.

Eloquent, no? So head on over, not just today, but every day, because there's always something new and insightful to read. But there's a much more important reason you should go there: Every time you do, you'll be put at ease by the soothing and adorable marble I made for the logo:

So you see? There's something there for everyone.



steve said...

Here's how I see it Tony. The world--our Earth, is like a car being run into the ground right now--pushed to its limits. Yes, eventually, the earth will perish, and quite possibly he human race, sooner or later. I think there is an innate quality for most of us to survive and recognize our undeniable connection to the Earth. I think many people are realizing we can take a better approach, ease up on the gas pedal, so to say, and get much more milage from this planet. We have the power to screw it, but we also have the power to revive it. yes, you will have your nuts, many of whom are uneducated and just like to feel important, but I think most folks are getting smart, and even if it's trendy, it's at least a good trend.

Caroline said...

I rather incline to the view that the earth will survive whatever, its us and the current set of animals and plants that might not. My mother told me when I was little (so it must be true!) that the rats would one day inherit the earth... and I don't think that was meant as a metaphor... though now I wonder...

Oh and word veri is amazing:

sad by gw

(I added the spaces obviously)

Caroline said...

And I forgot to add - I really love the logo you did for them.