Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why are Blue-Collars Supposedly for Hillary?

I'm a Local 3 IBEW member living in New York City. I've been unemployed for the last five months - which, sadly, is par for a NYC A-rated electrician ever since the dot-com bubble broke back in 2000. So, as a confused dues-paying union member, I'm begging - will someone PLEASE explain to me why the media keeps insisting that Hillary Clinton is the savior of the blue-collar workers? No, we can't lay all of our problems at her feet (or at the Republicans', for that matter.) But please, will someone tell me ONE DAMN THING she has done for labor since she took office eight years ago? How in any meaningful way has she helped blue-collar workers - especially those in the state she's supposed to represent? And no, speeches and spin don't count.


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Knitting Painter Woman said...

My politcally incorrect un-spin is that Blue-Collar is code for poorly educated, and unless "of color," bigoted. Thus Obama's "elite," over educated non-bigoted non-whites...... I think the Clintons do what they think will help the Clintons.