Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fan-boy, Much?

Picture of the Yesterday: Guess who one of my favorite authors is.

I'm plum out of ideas to write about tonight. Come to think of it, how did that phrase come about? Did people used to pay for ideas with plums? Or is the phrase "plumb" out of ideas, referring to the clogged pipes of the mind?

We had a party for Amanda's almost-fifth birthday today. Good food, good beer (Blue Moon,) good people. More toys to clutter up the apartment. But if they make her happy, then it's ok.



Rayne said...

Wow, you have even more King books than me. What did you think of Wicked? Have you read any others by that author?
B'day parties are always fun. I think I'd like to have one some time. Excuse the randomness and babbling, we're back in the basement again and I'm a wee bit nervous.

Tony LaRocca said...

Do you know I haven't actually read it? I gave it to Elena (French Toast Girl) years ago as a present, and I probably asked "can I borrow that?" and never read it or gave it back! She was here yesterday, so she missed her opportunity :)

Aravis said...

Well, at least you have good taste.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

sometimes he does things so right... the girl who loved tom gordon... kingdom hospital... shining... langoliers... misery...

But sometimes things go wrong: it... the stand... the ending of hearts of atlantis... and i think he has to write a bad novel every now and then to get it out of his system?

ChristyMarcusLitster said...

hmmm, maybe I need to pick up a good king book and start reading that instead of all this 2012 world ending, mayan calendar propaganda.

Nah.... where what would that make me? More entertained and less stressed out - hmm, definitely not me. lol.

french toast girl said...

AHA! I even walked by and thought, "That's my copy of Wicked..." Don't worry, I was still distracted by the fact that the Wii added 8 years to my age.

♥ love, me