Saturday, June 21, 2008

Homeless in the Subway & Other Uplifing Things

Photo of the Yesterday: Homeless man sleeping in the Manhattan subway station, as seen through acid-graffiti etched into the window of the R train.

Another week comes to a close. I feel drained, as if some sort of etheric parasites have burrowed their way into my heart and are sucking my soul piece by piece into another dimension. Or, it just might be that I need more sleep. The simplest explanation is always so boring.

In another case of life being funnier than television - did you hear the one about the Canadian mother who had child services sic'ed on her because her child's teacher was told by a psychic that one of her students "whose name starts with a V' was being sexually abused?



Knitting Painter Woman said...

We really need to see that more people learn science and understand EVIDENCE. Psychic child molester reports, indeed.

Aravis said...

No, I hadn't heard. Talk about over-zealous and incompetent. I'm with knitting painter woman.

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite of your daily photographs so far Tony!