Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mine, All Mine!

Illustration Friday: Hoard

Can someone please answer me a question? As people are being forced out of their foreclosing homes, as the economy is tanking, as people can barely afford to drive to work, as, on top of it all, fuel costs are causing the price of EVERYTHING to skyrocket - why are we Americans simply accepting that we will have to wait until January 20th before things will change? Why aren't we expecting President Bush and congress do do something about these things NOW? Just curious.



Jonna said...


cute illustration

Connie said...

Great illustration; you can feel the worry, almost panic here. We've gotten soft, haven't we; also no longer being able to believe in ones heavenly reward for becoming a martyr (read 'dead') keeps us off the barricades.

Aravis said...

Because they won't. Their M.O. is to deny that there's a problem and make nasty remarks about those who say there is one. Then, as things get worse, they say "Um, well, there's a slight possibility that there may be a problem sometime in the future." They top it off by saying something like "There seems to be a problem, one which could have been addressed if we hadn't been given faulty information. We'll investigate and get to the bottom of this, and accept the resignation of the first handy scapegoat. And by the way, why did nobody realize that there was a problem long ago? People need to get on board with us to address this problem."


And that would be why I'm waiting until Jan. 20. Because by the time they get through this routine yet once again, it'll be January anyway. Our only other hope is that gas prices will drop around election time, as they often do.

Only to skyrocket again after.

Boy I'm cynical tonight.

Roberta said...

I like the way you say it... and draw it!!!