Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picture of the Yesterday: Mandy examines the booze menu at Applebees.

For all the fellow nerds out there, there's an entire new "Classic" Star Trek movie online, Of Gods and Men. It's wonderfully cheesy, and includes many of Star Trek's unsung heros, like Chekov, Uhura, Yeoman Rand, and Tuvok. It also digs up TOS villians Charlie X and Gary Mitchell (although there are different actors playing them. What else does Gary Lockwood have to do these days?) Sit back, turn down the lights, and feed your inner geek!

I have some homework to on Willa Cather's My Antonia for a literature class. It's easy to read, but it's just one of those books that doesn't speak to me. Maybe because it doens't have a plot, just a bunch of unrelated sequences. I've come ot the conclusion that the novel is one of those things that's considered a classic because people say that it's a classic. I keep singing the title in my mind to the tune of "My Sharona." Maybe it would have been better if something tragic happened at the end, like if a herd of wild elk became rabid and trampled all the characters, or if Antonia turned out to be a she-male prostitute.

And while I'm being critical, I just watched the Dr. Who episode "Midnight." All I can say is please, Russell Davies, please just stop writing episodes. Please. (Maybe if the ailen had turned out to be a she-male prostitute...)



Aravis said...

I had to read My Antonia as a freshman in high school, and remember little of it except that, as you say, it wasn't overly interesting. And thanks for putting that new twist on the old song; it's earworming in my head even as I write.

Anonymous said...

SHHHHHH! Dr Who is only just beginning again in Australia ;) Hello Mandy!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I'm with you on Who AND Ms. Cather. Edith Wharton was didn't SEEM like anything was really happening, but if you imagined what it would be like to live any of those. AIEEEEE!
Hope you are feeling well.

Rayne said...

I felt the same way with My Antonia. I kept feeling as if I were reading it wrong, or just missing something. Everyone said it was such a classic, such a great piece of literature so it had to be my fault for not getting it, right?
Then I came to the same conclusion you did. There are books out there that people say are classics because they've been taught that they are classics.