Monday, July 28, 2008

"Klaatu barada... necktie!"

Photo of the Yesterday: A mariachi band on the E-train (but do they travel through time?)

Is anyone else out there getting an unclean vibe over how the news media is not only licking Obama's toushie, but have started writing "yeah, we're biased - whacha gonna do about it" columns? Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, if I wanted to re-live the Clinton era, I would have voted for one.

Dear Electronic Arts- thank you for not doing any beta-testing whatsoever on the PC port of Mass Effect and releasing a game so buggy that it's completely unplayable. I'd clear up the ten gigs that it's wasting on my hard-drive while you get your shit together, but your draconian "three installations only" copy-protection is deterring me. To sum up: It's been nine weeks, write a goddamn patch already!

Is it just me, or is the only difference between Windows Mobile 5 and WM6 on the Pocket PC is the number? I've upgraded my operating system and honestly, I can't tell the difference. The promised 3gp support only seems to be for phones with WM6, not PPCs.

While I usually despise re-makes, I was actually interested in the upcoming version of The Day the Earth Stood Still, despite the fact that it's staring Keanu Reeves. (I know there are science-fiction purists who consider the original sacrosanct, but its "there are giant nannies in space who will make sure that humanity plays nice" concept never really appealed to my inner objectivist.) Then I read that in the remake, instead of deterring humans from war, Klatu & Gort have been sent to lecture us about - you guessed it - the environment. I think I'll pass.

Enough kvetching for today. Kudos to whoever can tell what the title quote is from, (and how it relates to this post,) and double kudos to anyone who gets the time-traveling mariachis reference.



Aravis said...

I hate when they release something without checking for bugs, and then making us wait forever for a patch to fix it. And then it either doesn't fix the problem, or you find a new one now that this one is taken care of! Lots of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I googled for all the answers but not telling! Your E-trains must be NOISY!

Craig J. said...

Well, the quote is from Army of Darkness, of course. And it's a garbled line from The Day the Earth Stood Still that Ash bungles.

Not sure about the time-traveling mariachi band, though.