Sunday, July 20, 2008

Perverts or Terrorists, Drilling in the Gulf, and Guns with My Popcorn.

Photo of the Yesterday: No Weapons Allowed.

A sign on the door of AMC Loews Fresh Meadows 7 in Queens. Because people obviously need a sign to tell them they shouldn't bring weapons into a movie theater.

I spent the weekend working like an idiot. I earned Uncle Sam a lot of money Friday night and Saturday - I'll be lucky to see half of it. I wouldn't mind if I wasn't sure that the nation, state, and city are just going to piss it away.

Dear President Bush - I'd thank you for lifting your father's off-shore drilling ban if not for two issues. First of all, the problem is NOT a lack of oil, it's the lack of American refineries needed to turn the oil into gas. Second of all, I'll believe you give a shit if that gas were solely being used to give relief to America and not just sold into the oil cartel's pool so they can sell it back to Americans at inflated prices.

Joe and I saw The Dark Knight this morning. It's a fantastic film, but at two and a half hours, it's far, far too long. I did, however, have a joygasm upon seeing the long-awaited preview for Watchmen. It's a little heavy on Doctor Manhattan (the blue guy,) but I suppose the filmmakers spent a lot of money on CGI and wanted to show it off. It does look beautiful. As long as they don't change the ending of the original graphic novel (as has been rumored and unrumored and rerumored a few times,) I'll be happy.

The Village Voice has an article this week titled "To Catch-22 a Predator." It details how New York rapists and molesters are being held indefinitely in legal limbo at a mental institution long after their sentences are completed. While I'm sure this violates their constitutional rights, (and honestly don't care, ) I'm a little surprised that the Voice takes the attitude that it's OK to hold rapists indefinitely on crimes that have not yet been committed ("On Ward's Island, it's legal limbo for men who probably deserve it") when they've taken such a strong stance against the U.S. government doing the same thing to terrorists at Guantánamo. Why is one all right, but not the other? I'm not trying to cry "hypocrite," I'm just curious. Perhaps it's a lack of trust in our government and the current administration, or that the thought of a rapist on the loose is easier for people to relate to than that of an "enemy combatant" on the loose.

Well, that's all the crap that's leaking out my brain at the moment. Have a nice Sunday.



Aravis said...

Perhaps- and I'm just guessing here- they view it that way because the rapists and molesters are convicted offenders, while those held at Gitmo are people who have been swept up and held without legal recourse, in many cases based upon nothing more solid than speculation.

Tony LaRocca said...

Well, there are also the allegations of abuse and torture in Guantanamo as well, but I was thinking more about the concept of pre-emptive arrests. As much as the world is probably better off without these people on the loose, the idea is a bit scary.

Aravis said...

I'd definitely have to agree with you.

Craig J. said...

Re: Watchmen

I saw the trailer when it was leaked online on Thursday, but wasn't that impressed with it, largely because I hated the Smashing Pumpkins song (which is from Batman & Robin, for Rod's sake) they played over the first half. Seeing it on the big screen in front of The Dark Knight on Friday night, however, it blew me away. I've had my reservations in the past, but this is a film that I will definitely have to see when it comes out.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I think Americans are more afraid of sex than they are of violence-- even though rape is a crime of POWER, not sex or intimacy.
If Uncle Sam is really taking half your money, congratulations on your tax bracket... OR get a new tax deduction coach. :-D

Tony LaRocca said...

Craig - I'm in eager anticipation - but I still say Ozymandias looks WAY too young.

KPW - Yes, being an electrician pays well by the hour, but it's sadly not steady work. As we say, it's the best part-time job you'll ever have!