Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tired, but Awake

Photo of the Yesterday: Button and needle (and fabric) sculpture on 39th and 7th in Manhattan. (For shits & giggles, I've added the Google Maps satellite picture in the corner. Isn't it just wonderful how much of our lives can be seen from space?)

Sorry the posts have been so scant as of late, but I've been working like an idiot and coming home absolutely exhausted. My dreams are full of wires and ScotchLocks. (A word to the wise: if you don't want to work overtime, don't put in for overtime.) My kids are annoyed with me that I just fall asleep after dinner rather than playing with them. Anyway, here are some random thoughts I've had this week:

Life seems determined to put me in as many moccasins as possible, so I can see things from every perspective. Great. Very Zen. Now, if, for a change, I could have the perspective of a wealthy, skinny person, please...

I've never bought drugs, but I think this is probably what it's like: An old man motions to me from a doorway on Liberty Street. He cracks open the top of his bag and shows me some bootleg DVDs in plastic envelopes and tells me they're $5 each. None of them appeal to me (and of course, copyright violators are evil, slimy terrorists, drug cartells, slave traders, the bane of corn farmers (!), the cause of the recession, and everything else the MPAA says they are, *cough cough,*) so I move on. In the subway station at the World Trade Center site, police are randomly searching bags. They're looking for bombs, supposedly, but I wonder if they would confiscate a bootleg if they found one. As the rocking of the E-tran shakes me to sleep, I wonder why the old man would bother selling the DVDs, as the crime is now a misdemeanor worth a $5000 fine and up to six months in jail. I'm sure he's not the ringleader, so what could he be making - $1 per DVD? He can't possibly sell more than a handfull a day - not the way he's doing it. The Evil Bootleg Ring is probably holding his daughter captive, or something. Yeah, that's it.

I've registered a Facebook page to go along with my Myspace Page. This way my internet can be balanced. The only problem is, I can't remember a lot of my Army buddy's names. For example, the Sargent we all called Dirty Larry. What was his last name? Or the tall skinny guy, Robinson. Fist name? Watson, Tuggle... Rob... the only name I really remember was my roomate Keith's, and I have his email anyway.

Anyway, I have a lot of homework to do and sleep to catch up on. Goodnight.



Anonymous said...

I'm wealthy (not with money though) and skinny! You have seen from my perspective looking at my photographs! Hehheee!!

We are going to be fined the same %5000 for being "annoying" when the Pope visits!

Love your photograph with tiny Google satellite view in corner :) Sleep well!

Nat Zigal said...

Ah the bootleg DVD racket. I always love the bonus footage included: Man gets up to go to the bathroom, man gets up to get popcorn for his girlfriend and the best - guy holding the camera sneezes causing special earthquake effects. Ahhhh..... nothing sounds better than THX sound recycled through a chinsey JVC camcorder mic.

Tony LaRocca said...

True, but I don't think the people who buy them are really expecting high quality. They just want to see the movie without having to pay $10 to sit through 15 minutes of tv commercials on the big screen and pay $20 for a dollars worth of soda and popcorn.

The best solution is, instead of making criminals out of their customers, the MPAA should just SELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT. When a movie comes out, sell no-frills DVDs OR DRM-free downloads of them for $10 each. If Piracy really IS keeping people out of the theaters, then it shouldn't affect the theater industry at all. And, the cash would be going right into the pockets of the studios (sorry, I meant the ARTISTS) rather than in the hands of terrorist/drug dealers.

Caroline said...

I suspect that the heavy-handed copyright protection stuff just winds some people up and they copy and sell it because they can and to say "up yours!" (or worse) to the heavies...

And since most stuff comes on the telly eventually I really can't see much point in paying for bad copy... I do occasionally pay to go to the cinema... its still a completely different experience to even the poshest home cinema (well the poshest I've been in obviously...)

steve said...

Hey there Tony. I just wanted to let you know, you are a card/prize winner at my blog, so if you can simply e-mail me your address (my e-mail should be at my profile) and I'll promptly send you the card and some other cool goodies. Take care!!, Steve