Friday, August 08, 2008

Exhausted Ramblings

I watched America's Got Talent the other night and I was bored to tears. It's pretty sad, as the show used to actually be entertaining. Nowadays, they're focusing way too much on the reality show aspect. I don't give a rancid poop about what's going on with the performers backstage, their life stories, or about how their only child was ravaged by a satanic hamster infested with AIDS. I want to see people juggling flaming tofu busts of Beethoven while tap dancing and swinging their overgrown lymph nodes back and forth over their shoulders.

Why are some people so self-destructive? Let's look at fat people. Fat people have brains that control their bodies and control their metabolisms, yet they keep the metabolism slow, and continue to pursue bad habits that will probably result in diabetes or a heart attack. Does that mean that the brains of fat people are secretly out to kill themselves? How about people addicted to drugs? Is it, as Leary and Wilson put it, that we are all just out of control robots? If so, who or what is doing the programing? Satanic hamsters with AIDS? Is Heisenberg's uncertainty principle proof that we do not live in a predeterminant universe?

Why do people connect more with fictional characters that real life? Is it because the fictional characters create a shared ideology in group consciousness?

I'm exhausted. I should be in bed, but I'm watching The IT Crowd. Work was exhausting. Complain, complain, complain. At least I have a job. I should just be thankful for the little things.



janie said...

I think we're more like hairless apes whose basic instincts have been sabotaged by having the means of instant gratification and survival of the fittest doesn't apply anymore.
So lets put our feet up and have another peanut-butter cup and watch some more crap T.V:)

Aravis said...

Satanic hamsters with AIDS? Is that what happens to all of the bad little hamsters who pull a Houdini and escape their little plastic tunnels?

Or is that what happens when they don't?