Monday, August 25, 2008

See What Happens?

Treadmill adorned with Rosary Beads by Amanda, creating a shrine to fitness.

Well, the Democratic National Convention begins tonight. For some reason Obama once seen as the inevitable golden boy, is slipping in the polls. Why? Because he didn't listen to me.

Here's an example. At work, the various unions have posted fliers listing the evils of McCain. (Apparently, he's anti-union and pro "right to work." Who knew?) Why aren't there any fliers telling us reasons why blue-collar workers should vote FOR Obama? Well, because he hasn't given us any. And sadly, that goes for all the other issues as well. Rather than saying how he's going to implement "hope and change," Obama has just told us over and over again why McCain is like Bush. When you're the underdog trying to buck the system, you have to do better than, "Vote for me, I'm not the other guy." It didn't work for John Kerry or Bob Dole, did it? And what the hell was Obama thinking even toying with the race card? "You know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills..." Jesus Christ.

And for Vishnu's sake - why is he still licking Hillary's touchas? There's a difference between being respectful and bending yourself into a pretzel to appease someone. After she ran such a mean, below-the-belt, divisive campaign against him, why is Obama making her the star of his convention? Does he really think he needs to prostate himself before her to get her supporters? First of all, if you want to be elected into the ultimate position of power, do NOT announce to the voters that you can't attain it without help; they're going to wonder if you will be able to handle it. Second, since the GOP is currently trying to re-define birth control as abortion, I seriously doubt Hillary's feminist supporters are going to vote for anyone but a democrat. And third, I'm so happy to hear other union members questioning the Media's never-ending claims that Hillary is the patron saint of Blue Collar workers, since she never actually did a damn thing for us. To make things worse, McCain is successfully running anti-Obama ads using Hillary's old tirades against him. It's an underhanded dick-move, but it works. Seriously, is there any question that all Hillary Clinton wants is for Obama to crash and burn so she can return in triumph four years from now? Weak, dude. Weak.

So, my friend, for the last time, here's my advice. Shape up. Grow a pair of testicles and stand on your own two feet. Stop trying to be everything to everyone and go back to being the outsider who is going to shake up Washington. Stop with the "McBush"-"McSame" crap and tell us what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Otherwise, it's Hillary in 2012. Please, I'm counting on you.



Knitting Painter Woman said...

I don't know if/where there's a "why you should vote for me" list regarding blue-collar types, but there's a great one on Blueprint for Women that I could find for you if you want. I think as B.O. takes the gloves off and DOES say what McCain has stood for, it will be more obvious what Obama stands for and it will. be. better.
PS: The Brussels Sprouts are transforming.

Caroline said...

Love the shrine to fitness!